Just want to thank every person who voted for me Aoife Marie Sheridan on Writers got talent. After receiving nearly 400 votes for my first novel Eden Forest I came first place and was crowned the winner. 🙂 🙂 But it was all who voted that made this possible so thank you so much once again. x



It was five weeks of learning how to market, from gathering fans, to joining pinterest, bookbuzz and learning to do a PR on PRLOG. It has been a amazing journey. I have meet some amazing authors who I will stay in touch with always. Their support and kindness will never be forgotten.



Aoife Marie Sheridan


What did they eat in Medieval times?

Meat was very popular. Although it had weird names, (fried pig’s head) it tasted good. Beef and mutton (lamb) were eaten a lot. Mutton is a kind of sheep. Venison, or deer meat, was eaten a lot too and so were poultry, game, and wild birds. The best way of preserving meat was to sprinkle it with salt. This worked, but not very well, so when the meat rotted, people would pour a sauce on it, and eat it anyway! 


Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy)  is set in Medieval times. VisitImage 

Writers got talent

Hi all Eden forest is part of a contest called writers got talent. I had asked everyone to vote for me through this link and recommend my book. But due to lots of complaints that the link wasn’t working, I brought this to the attention of Bruce the creator of the competition. So now a new link has been set up. In writers got talent there is a survey at the bottom of the page, is all you do is click on my name Aoife Marie Sheridan and Click finish survey I would very much appreciate if everyone could do this, as time is running out. 

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