Review of The house on Blackstone Moor

Review of the House on Blackstone Moor

Rating 3 stars

(10th Review for March)Image



The Story is told through the eyes of Rose, a damaged young lady in her twenties, abused at the hands of the people she trusts the most.

After coming home to find her family dead, she is whisked off to an asylum, where Doctor Bannion takes her under his wing and secures a job for at the house on Blackstone Moor. Her duties at the house are to take care of Ada and Simon the children of Mr and Mrs Darton.

Half way through the book you get the idea that something sinister is happening at the house, but once you reach the half-way point the book goes into full throttle.

I have spent all day trying to think of how to explain this book, as I have never read one quite like it. It’s told through the eyes of Rose but she is speaking to the reader at times saying things like “Bear with me” and “We will learn more about that later in the story” It is an unusual way of writing, one I have never encountered before, different but not off putting.

Anyway to explain the story it’s evil to its core. My stomach turned so much reading this book that it’s not for the light hearted ( like myself, I have a very weak stomach). It’s a book of incest, rape, abuse, lies, betrayals, murder and sadness so so much sadness.


It reminds me of the taker, but on a much heavier scale. Perfectly written, the story held my interest but when it was gruesome, it was gruesome.



Author Aoife Marie Sheridan

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This website was designed for members of 

Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers on…

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New Website to be launched

So what is it? On the 1st of April a new website titled will be launched, featuring a list of 

 Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Books by various Authors.

A listing of authors is available with links to their books, pictures, synopsis, purchase links but also their brief bio about the author and links to where you can find them. Yes all under one roof. 

The website is also designed to run competitions that will start on the 1st of April, these competitions are free to enter and are open to everyone, prizes and a spotlight will be awarded to the winner.  

Also you can see who is the featured author on a weekly basis, giving every author the spotlight they deserve. 

Marketing tips and tricks will also be available to authors. 

This website was designed for members of 

Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers on Goodreads. Image

Spiritual Poems & Poems about Life – By Charles Johnson

134 Love Poems and More From the Heart and Soul of Man

I am Barabbas

How can you set me free? I have lived a wicked life. But the one you let go is me? I have stolen, killed, and caused tremendous strife.
I have lied and committed sin at every turn. I have destroyed others lives and helped none. What do you think after a lifetime of being bad I will learn? I should be crucified for my crimes but you chose another one.
Everyone knows and fears my name. I have earned your hatred I truly deserve to die. Yet you all scream for another; a man meek, mild, and tame. And now you choose to set me free and I truly have to wonder why.
What did this man Jesus ever do to you? Why do you let me a killer go? And torture, curse, and spit upon him? Does he truly deserve to take my place? Tell me what did he ever do? I am a man who would laugh as I tie a rope around your neck and hang you from a limb.
And you hate a profit, a preacher, and a gentle kind man more than me? Oh what a fool you all are and you will regret this mistake you make. I will never stop my evil ways it is my life and the way I will always be. I will lie, cheat, steal, kill, and rape! And your hearts, minds, and souls I will take!

For I am Barabbas people will remember my name throughout all time and space. Stories will be told about my treacherous deeds long after I am dead. And what will become of this man Jesus you choose to crucify in my place? No one will remember such a gentle man or the simple life he led.
Oh how funny! This man Jesus, you have put a crown of thorns upon his head. You have whipped him and tortured him for what your stupid fear I dread. As I watch as you make him carry upon his back the cross to Calvary. I realize that here before me is the man you chose to die instead of me.
As I watch this man you spat upon, tortured, and now drive nails into his hands and feet. Some in the crowd cried out and called him their king, their Lord, and their master. As the Roman soldiers pushed them back with spears from Jesus. They would not retreat! Something inside me is happening I feel that this is somehow a true disaster.
I watch as the sky goes dark and the crowd fills with fear. And as the blood drains from his body I see tears fall from his eyes. I was touched and changed as he looks directly at me. And what do I hear? Even while being crucified this man Jesus with his dying breath he cries.
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Jesus why would you want to forgive them for all they put you through? They set me a killer free and killed you for being good and just. Please forgive me! Jesus it should have been me not you. I should have been crucified for I AM BARABBAS.



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Interview with Stacey Marie Brown – Author of Darkness of Light

I had the privlege to read and review Stacey’s book, Darkness of Light. The talent and flow of story telling amazed me, one that I shall read again and again. 


About Stacey:




By day I work as an Interior/Set Designer and by night as a writer of paranormal fantasy, adventure, and literary fiction. I grew up in Northern California. Even at an early age I was creating stories and making up intricate fantasies. I acted in Los Angeles for many years before traveling around the world then moving abroad, where I lived in England, Australia, Caribbean, and New Zealand. I came back to San Francisco and went to school for my Interior Design degree. During all that time I never stopped writing. Moving back to San Francisco brought it to the forefront, and this time it would not be ignored. It’s my passion and my love. When I am not writing, I’m usually out hiking, spending time with friends.


Book by Stacey Marie Brown:

My book is called Darkness of Light and is a NA paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy. It is about 18-year-old Ember Brycin, who has always had strange things happen to her. After the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for trouble teens, she discovers a secret that changes not only her life, but what and who she is. Love, lies, deceit, and betrayal lead her down a path to the Otherworld, into another realm where she will probably not survive.


Interview with Stacey Marie Brown about her novel Darkness of Light



Question: What have you published recently? My book, Darkness of Light, which is Book 1 in the Darkness Series. Fire in the Darkness, Book 2 in the series, will be out in late August/early September.

Question: How, and when, did you decide to become a writer? I have always been a writer, but being an author is a completely different thing. It’s a lot of hard work and tears. I don’t think any rational person ever decides to “become” an author. It is something that chooses you. There was a story that wanted to be told and it would not be quiet until I did.

Question: Where can we find your published writing? Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords.

Question: What types of writing do you do? I write fiction. It can range from a kid’s book about a dog that goes on an adventure for two years (true story), to my current paranormal NA fantasy books. I enjoy all aspects of writing. This is probably why I did so well in English classes. Somewhere inside me I even enjoyed writing essays.

Question: What are your favorite characters that you have created? Tell us about them. That’s a tough one. I love all my characters, for different reasons. But, I’d have to say either Ember or Ryan. Guess I really relate to the smart-ass! Ember has been through some very traumatic events in her life, which causes her to grow up quickly. She was never the normal girl, which makes her stand out even more. I like that she doesn’t care about what people think of her. She is brutally honest and doesn’t hold back. Instead of falling apart, she pushes through, no matter how scary or painful. She’s smart, sassy, tough. She and Ryan both use sarcasm to guard themselves and deflect people from getting too close. Their hearts are both very fragile, but both can love fiercely. They’re full of flaws but are very real.  

One of the relationships I really love is between Ember and Mark, her step-father. The love, respect, friendship, and total adoration they have for each other are so sweet. He understands her and lets her be herself.

Question: Do you find you “mentally edit” other writers’ works as you read them? Does doing this help you or bother you? Not really. I love to read and really love the feeling of letting myself be taken into another world. If I did mentally edit, I probably wouldn’t enjoy reading so much. It would no longer be an escape, but a continuation of what I already do to my own books all day! I do get ideas and styles of storytelling from reading so many books that only help my writing.

Question: What do you eat while writing? I actually don’t eat while I’m writing. If I have food, I concentrate too much on that. If I really want to “get serious” and write, I actually have to leave my house and go to a café and have NO internet. Being home I find way too many distractions, like “Oh, look at the dust on that table. I must clean it now.” or “Oh I’m thirsty . . . oh I have to pee again” and the cycle continues.


Five for Fun:

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Is there such a thing? Kidding! My beverage of choice is either coffee (especially iced coffee lately) or Crystal Light lemonade. I put my lemonade in the freezer for a bit, so I get icier lemonade.

What is your favourite cartoon character? I love cartoons, and there are so many animated movies I love (Pixar is amazing). But in all honesty it would have to be Stewie from Family Guy. I love that dry, witty, twisted kind of humour. Guess that’s why I got along living in London for so long.

What is your favourite movie of all time? It must be my Gemini side but I could never pick one of anything. Love so many movies for different reasons and moods.

What TV shows do you like to watch? Sons of Anarchy, Hell of Wheels, Shameless, Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, Jon Stewart, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, anything on the History Channel. I’m really random. I can go from the Science Channel to Veronica Mars reruns.

What do you like to do for fun or just to relax? I love hanging out with friends, hiking, traveling, and reading.



Question: Where can we find you on the web?

My website:










 Review of Darkness of Light

This book recieved five stars.

I received this book for an honest review. I had 90% read in six hours, but at 2am in the morning and work at 8 I had to peel myself away from the screen. But I finished it the next morning. And what a story it was. This book reminds me of Iron King only on a much cooler and grown-up scale.

Ember has such a dry and sarcastic sense of humour that I laughed through so much of this book. She was no damsel in distress, and could hold her own. There were so many times I smiled when she stood up to certain people, her comebacks brilliant. She has a habit of just saying what she’s thinking, really she has no filter and it’s so, so funny. Just loved her as a main character. 

The love story is not your usual. Eli is harsh, bitter, and sarcastic but the two of them, together, in one place is brilliant. Between the sexual tension and dry remarks it worked like a dream.
Stories of fae can be sweet, kinda like a bed time story, but Darkness to Light in no bed-time story quite the opposite.

This is story telling with a new kind of twist on it.

Just Brilliant. Loved it. 

Review of Inquest (Part one in the destroyer trilogy)

Review of Inquest (Part one in the destroyer Trilogy) Author Del Sheree Gladden

 (8th Book for March)

I rated this book with five stars


I was given this book for an honest review.


I loved every second of this book and now I am a fan.


Libby a young sixteen year old anxiously awaits her inquest, to see what her talents are. In total there are seven; Speed, Strength, Perception, Spiritualism, Vision, Naturalism and Concealment. Normally you receive between one and three which is average, but Libby has known for a long time that she has all seven, which you would think would be awesome. Hmmm, no, too have all seven means you’re the destroyer a title that comes with a penalty – death.

This book got my attention from page one all the way to page 378 now I want book two. Loved Libby, I laughed at her sarcastic attitude throughout the book her optimism after losing everything was amazing.

My favourite is the love triangle between Lance her x-boyfriend and Milo the strange guy. By the end of the book she has to pick one, it’s not the end of this triangle. Don’t want to say too much or I’ll spoil it.


Overall a great read. I finished it in a day and a half but would have read it quicker only for life’s interferences (work). I cannot wait for book 2. I would like to thank the author for allowing me to review her book, I truly enjoyed every second of it. 



Review of Eternal Lovers

Review of Eternal Lovers. I rated this book 3 stars.

I’m not in the habit of reading steamy light paranormal. I found Eternal Lovers interesting with lots of adventure and surprises along the way.

Jennifer is born with some unusual talents which she inherited from the father she never knew. She can read the thoughts and communicate with animals as well as see peoples past lives. The story starts off when she’s a child being raised by her grandparents, but the story fast forwards to the present. Jennifer is twenty four and married to her long term friend Bill by the second chapter. While taking a vacation to see her best friend Alice she becomes increasingly attracted to Gabriel, a dark and mysterious man. By this time the reader knows Gabriel is much more than a man. He is an immortal alien who is over five thousand years old. He and his companions came to Earth to save the human race. When her feelings for Gabriel reach a boiling point, she leaves to return to her husband… being unfaithful is not something she would do. But what she finds shatters her world. The love story between her and Gabriel develops and is steamy to the bitter end.


Review of Seekers of the stone

Review of Seekers of the stone (6th review for March) 

I am rating this book 5 stars

Where to begin, this story is fantasy/Sci-fi and the tale is woven through facts and fiction, an elaborate tale of the end of the world as we know it, only to be stopped by information that was laid out and hidden from people of the past.


The story is mainly told through the eyes of Saira a young seeker who can revisit past lives and shape shift. Seekers are few on earth and their existence are kept secret. Saira is living in a world where the weather rages uncontrollably destroying much of the earth, it’s set in Alaska 2252, she has been given the impossible mission of seeking knowledge about the Mayan calendar that held the truth about past, present and future events that would occur.


In other to save the world she must find the calendar and decipher the code to save the earth. But as always it’s a puzzle of putting past with present unearthing secret scrolls, finding stones that can take you anywhere in the past, hidden caves and unearthing buried treasure.

It’s woven beautifully and makes you think, could these facts possibly be true is there so much more to our existence. It’s an amazing story that I know will linger with for a long time, and one of those books that I will read again. The story is jammed packed with information yet easy to follow and fast paced. There is a love story throughout the book, and a story of family and friendship.


I would highly recommend this, hence why I gave it five stars. If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be that it’s a masterpiece.


Well done A.K. Hawing, what a wonderful story.Image