Spiritual Poems & Poems about Life – By Charles Johnson

134 Love Poems and More From the Heart and Soul of Man

I am Barabbas

How can you set me free? I have lived a wicked life. But the one you let go is me? I have stolen, killed, and caused tremendous strife.
I have lied and committed sin at every turn. I have destroyed others lives and helped none. What do you think after a lifetime of being bad I will learn? I should be crucified for my crimes but you chose another one.
Everyone knows and fears my name. I have earned your hatred I truly deserve to die. Yet you all scream for another; a man meek, mild, and tame. And now you choose to set me free and I truly have to wonder why.
What did this man Jesus ever do to you? Why do you let me a killer go? And torture, curse, and spit upon him? Does he truly deserve to take my place? Tell me what did he ever do? I am a man who would laugh as I tie a rope around your neck and hang you from a limb.
And you hate a profit, a preacher, and a gentle kind man more than me? Oh what a fool you all are and you will regret this mistake you make. I will never stop my evil ways it is my life and the way I will always be. I will lie, cheat, steal, kill, and rape! And your hearts, minds, and souls I will take!

For I am Barabbas people will remember my name throughout all time and space. Stories will be told about my treacherous deeds long after I am dead. And what will become of this man Jesus you choose to crucify in my place? No one will remember such a gentle man or the simple life he led.
Oh how funny! This man Jesus, you have put a crown of thorns upon his head. You have whipped him and tortured him for what your stupid fear I dread. As I watch as you make him carry upon his back the cross to Calvary. I realize that here before me is the man you chose to die instead of me.
As I watch this man you spat upon, tortured, and now drive nails into his hands and feet. Some in the crowd cried out and called him their king, their Lord, and their master. As the Roman soldiers pushed them back with spears from Jesus. They would not retreat! Something inside me is happening I feel that this is somehow a true disaster.
I watch as the sky goes dark and the crowd fills with fear. And as the blood drains from his body I see tears fall from his eyes. I was touched and changed as he looks directly at me. And what do I hear? Even while being crucified this man Jesus with his dying breath he cries.
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Jesus why would you want to forgive them for all they put you through? They set me a killer free and killed you for being good and just. Please forgive me! Jesus it should have been me not you. I should have been crucified for I AM BARABBAS.



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