Review of Fractured



Review of Fractured

(2nd Review for May) 

Rating 5 stars


O I loved Slated and was so not disappointed with fractured yes along the way I was actually getting confused and annoyed but that was only because I was eager to know WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON. It’s a game of too trust or not to trust. A few I seen coming and others took me by surprise.


Kyla the main character is so so brave while reading it there was so many situations I was screaming for her to run, or just let it go, live a simple life why spoil it, but she has a curious mind and won’t let anything go. Her loyalty to ones she loves is unwavering and I admired this so much in her, especially with Ben.


I found this one sad compared to slated as it was just a warm up, but my heart broke a few times through this book.


It ends with a new beginning and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book, just not sure who exactly I will be reading from. Lucy, Rain or Kyla or maybe all three. 

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