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Where Darkness Walks (Mortgatha Trilogy Book 1) By Donna Hawk


Clarie’s world is about to change for the darker. Rand broke up with her at the prom, she uncovers a secret in the hidden back of an armoire, and she meets Patrick, who is determined to help her forget her broken heart.

As Clarie evades classmate Bulldog’s stalking, she and Patrick explore the dark halls of an abandoned cement plant. After following Clarie and Patrick deep inside the cement plant, Bulldog confronts Clarie as he fights with Patrick. When she is accidentally pushed against a set of dark doors into the shadow realm of Mortgatha, everything she fears is set into motion to keep her away from her beloved Earth world.

Even with Patrick’s help, the doorway home moves randomly, evil characters beset them at every turn, and the way home seems farther away than ever.

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About the Author


I have been a teacher in Kansas for 33 years. I enjoy writing, riding my bicycle, and spending time with my husband. I am an avid photographer and Photoshop user. Currently, I am working on a dark trilogy for young adults, the first of which I am hoping will be completed by the end of the summer 2013.
If you have any questions for me, you can email me at: bydonnahawk@gmail.com





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Review of Where Darkness Walks:

Rating: 5 stars

The author gave me a free copy for an honest review. Firstly I must say the world building was amazing. I could see and feel everything in Mortgatha a world saturated in darkness. A world that once flourished under the rule of King Rade now sunk deeply in evil. Every village or town had its own unique feel, down to the desert landscape or the lush of the dangerous forest. The dark army was frightening. But the mystery behind it all had me turning pages so quickly devouring little traces to piece it all together.

From the start of the story which is based here on earth I just loved Clarie and could sympathize with her so much. She has many admires in different ways, but I appreciated the story between her and bulldog. He was a bully, that smelled and was unattractive but Clarie was gentle with his feelings throughout the story, never one to crush someone regardless of the kind of person they were.

The story is woven beautifully, from the simplicity of a teenager’s life, to the gripping darkness in Mortgatha, and what a world Mortgatha is; I could feel their hunger or the cold of the darkness. This story was so well written and detailed that it sucked me in.

I would highly recommend this to all age groups. Just an amazing read. I can’t wait for book two as the mystery still unfolds and what lies ahead for Clarie and Patrick.

Book Trailer Link: http://youtu.be/b64milqIK4o

3 thoughts on “Where Darkness Walks Book Tour

  1. Mia Fox says:

    sounds like a great book 🙂


  2. normaaroy says:

    What a wonderful review on what looks to be an excellent book. This is now firmly on my to read list 😀


  3. Donna Hawk says:

    Thanks, Norma. I hope you get to read and enjoy it! The story will continue. 😉 I will keep my fingers crossed that you like it so much you’ll check out the second of the trilogy!!
    Donna Hawk


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