Review of Scent of Roses by P.G Forte

Scent of the Roses (Oberon, Book 1)


Review of Scent of Roses by P.G Forte

3rd Review for May


Rating: 4 stars

Scout – also known as Jen – has her life turned upside down in her teens: her dad is dead, her friends betrayed her, her step-sister is missing and she is being shipped off to Florida, leaving behind Nick, the one guy she truly loved.

The story starts twenty years later where she returns to Oberon to tidy up her inheritance from her recently deceased step-mother – the same step-mother who sent her away – and the story kicks off straightaway, with the towns’ gossips, old enemies, and her old flame.

The plot had my head reeling. I had everyone as a suspect as the murderer, if there even was one, but new evidence turned up at every turn. But with Marsha’s abilities to read peoples tea leaves, she gets snippets of what might be… the entanglement of magic in this book was beautifully done, making it very believable. I just loved the plot; I was turning pages so fast, pointing fingers and then taking it back. What a great read. The love story was very well written, with enough pushing and shoving… two very stubborn people who suited each other down to the ground. There was a particular scene that I just loved, when she first sets eyes on Nick again after twenty years… the description had my hands sweating as I struggled to hold the kindle, it was so realistic, I just got the feeling the author described to a T.

Scout: Scout what can I say, a damaged, tormented woman, but with pride and a stubbornness that could be the only reason for her grasp on her sanity, even though I questioned it several times in the book, but loved her as an MC. She was strong yet vulnerable, very well-rounded main character, and I loved that Nick was her old flame, they just couldn’t have been picked any better.

Marsha I loved: she reminded me of a wise old crone. She always had a second meaning to everything she said, and her ability to see auras read tea leaves and pick up on emotions was priceless. She seemed to have her own little private jokes along the way, and was always sticking her nose in everyone’s business.

At first I didn’t like Lucy. I found her stubborn and righteous and several times I was just hoping someone would shut her up, but as the story progressed, I began to understand the passion she had for her family, and why she seen Scout as the enemy.

So overall I just loved this book. It was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it for those who love a good murder mystery with a dash of magic and a good splash of romance.

murder with a dash of magic, and a good splash of romance.

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