Spotlight of White Rose: The Seal of Oblivion (Book #1)


Book Synopsis:
“Look at you, coming in here all demanding. As if. You’re just some prissy bourgeois-y rich girl cry baby. Doesn’t even want to be the hero, but ironically wants the hero relic. What are you going to do, pretend in your house for a while and then when the real fight comes, cower?”Thirteen-year-old Laqiya wants to be normal, but that’s a hard feat when she can control the forces of nature. It become even harder when she finds out from her old babysitter, Nightshield, a part feline woman who literally has nine lives, that she is the reincarnation of a woman who locked a power hungry tyrant in oblivion and created the seal of oblivion to make sure he stayed there. Now the seal is breaking and if Laqiya wants to be normal, she has to deal with the baggage her past self left behind, starting with find the pieces to a staff that used to belong to her past incarnation before one of The Tyrant’s dark mistresses, Lady Sahajah, finds them first and uses them to destroy the seal of the oblivion.

Laqiya would actually be content to simply ignore Lady Sahajah and her so-called destiny. But Laqiya quickly finds out that the dark mistress won’t let her because the Tyrant is afraid of her. While he can try to take over the world with his dark powers, Laqiya can stop him by turning the forces of nature against him. That is if Laqiya could figure out how to actually use her powers.
And going head to head with the Tyrant’s dark mistress Lady Sahajah is not like the anime she likes to watch on the internet. Instinct does not always lead her in the right direction. Good is not in everyone. And Lady Sahajah doesn’t plan on wasting time lecturing Laqiya on her brilliant plan before she kills her so that Laqiya can figure out a way to defeat her.

Laqiya has no choice but to try to stop Lady Sahajah. More than that, Laqiya has to try to invoke the alter identity of her previous incarnation. She has to be The White Rose… Then, maybe after all that, she can at least pretend to be normal again.

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About the Author:
A 22 year old college student whose been writing novels since she was ten, Holly Dae writes YA fantasy and paranormal novels featuring a diverse cast of characters, usually featuring an African-American female protagonist. When she’s not writing or doing homework, she’s gardening, cooking, obsessing over Teen Wolf and trying her best not to spend her gas allowance on new books.

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