Review of Released


Review of Released

3.5 Stars

(1st Review for July)

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

Released intrigued me as it was based on a genie in a bottle, but it wasn’t your usual “rub the bottle and you shall be granted three wishes”. The genie in the bottle was named Suki, when someone was destined for great things Suki just helped them take the right steps in order to achieve their goals. When the wishes are used for unselfish reasons she leaves and returns to her bottle.

The story wraps itself tightly around history combining facts with fiction, making it very interesting, and causes me to raise my eyebrows several times at the name dropping. So overall the concept was fascinating.

The Characters:

Suki: Hmmm she was okay, a bit too kind and gentle for my liking but thankfully the story was told through  four perspectives, so I wasn’t always reading from Suki’s view point.

Raven: evil, beautiful, youthful and cunning. I just loved her she was so interesting. I loved her past, understanding what made her tick, and her powers where pretty amazing. She was an evil character that I wanted to turn good. So much potential maybe she will in book two who knows.

Charlotte and Samantha: Samantha was like Suki simple, kind not much to say about her, but I really liked charlotte, I could tell she was a dark horse from the start. There was one part in the story that summed up her strength for me, she’s like this pure soul and she’s falling for Phreas, she’s not one for lying, I wouldn’t really expect her to, but at this particular moment in the story she lies to Phrea’s it wasn’t the lie that intrigued me, but how well she did it. I just know she will be amazing in book 2. I just hope it’s through her perspective more than Suki’s.

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