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Pumkiniah ran down the dark winding staircase toward the huge vault-like door, and without so much as a blink of an eye, she slid the giant bolt back across the door and swung it wide open. The creature did not move. He seemed to be sleeping. Pumki reached up and unhooked the large metal key and slid along the wall toward the dark crouching shadow. Holding her breath, she could feel her heart beating so fast as if it were exposed to the room. When she reached the back wall, she knelt down and slid slowly but purposefully toward the padlock that was attached to the chain that was attached to the werewolf. She slid the key in the lock, and the monster stirred. All of a sudden, with hands shaking and key turning, she noticed two blood-red eyes staring up at her, and the shadow stretched to its feet and moved slowly toward her. This is it, she thought, shaking. I’m as dead as a doornail. Gripped by intense terror, she froze on the spot, eyes closed, waiting for the first swipe, the first bite…and then suddenly, the feel of a large slimy wet tongue up the entire length of her face.


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Review of Pumkiniah the Brave 


Rating: 5 Stars


What can I say, reading this book felt like the first time I sat down and watched Monster’s Inc. or Shrek, it opened a whole new world of storytelling to me. This book was just as good, and I know if it gets into the right hands, I will one day sit down and watch it on the big screen.


Pumkiniah makes me smile even saying her name, I can see her as a scraggily yet neat and organized little fairy, always wanting to do her best and never afraid of change. She has a heart of gold. How naive she was had me laughing throughout the story. I often found myself reading parts and ringing my sister up (who has two children) that I know will adore this book, I would try my best to describe what I’m reading to let her see the humour in this story.


The author’s world was fascinating it’s something I love when I watch the likes of Shrek, Despicable me or the Incredible. I love the way they can mimic our world yet they do things totally different. In Pumkiniah the brave I loved how the author invented the transportation from a bird to a bottle, and where they lived in trees, the top shelf of the library or small cracks between builds – really just under our feet. G.E. Beyer has opened a whole new world to me one that I just loved.


I will definitely purchase a few copies of this book, for my nieces and nephews as it’s one they will love, and one I truly can’t wait to see on the big screen.




Thank you so much for allowing me to read such an enchanting story – of one, small but brave tooth fairies adventure.


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What if your entire race were created by the ancient Celtic God, Dagda to please his beloved daughter, Brighid, who gifted your maternal bloodline with a spark of her soul? Now you’re given the task of living in the mortal realm to bring the gift of the Arts to the mortals she loves; while being relentlessly hunted by the Goddess of the Killing Rage to satisfy a deadly desire for Otherworldly vengeance.

Just before Eléan’s seventeenth birthday, the Goddess of Lust & Rage, along with the Immortal she created, destroyed her sheltered life. Now, an object of possession by mortals and immortals alike; Eléan must learn to control her legacy and, with the two warriors that love her, save the Goddess Brighid by protecting the small flame of Immortal soul that lives within her.

Liam and James have been friends…brothers…since they were children. Now the Otherworld has been released…

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Spotlight for featured author Gerald Simpkins



17-year old Irina Connors is in her last year of high school. What had begun as seemingly a dream come true only three years previously has morphed into a daily grind of verbal abuse and bullying. She was offered a place in a special program wherein she is bussed from her poor neighborhood to a school in a wealthy part of Seattle and has qualified for a college scholarship if she can maintain a 3.7 GPA. As she struggles to maintain a perfect grade average she has increasingly become the favored target of malicious and cruel attacks by a clique of wealthy girls and their boyfriends.
One day the attacks go too far as her only friend is victimized too and Irina retaliates, setting in motion a chain of events that seem to shatter her life and her dreams. She crosses a threshold that takes her into a world of unbelievable danger, yet one of great promise as well if she proves worthy. 
Join Irina as she sets out on the journey of a lifetime and beyond, discovering things unimaginable even while struggling with her own role in her new life. ‘Forever Young Irina‘ will captivate you and draw you in to experience the world of Vampires as you have never before seen it portrayed.


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Spotlight for featured Author J.G. VanDenKooy



For centuries, little children have been kidnapped by mischievous faeries. They take them away to the world on the other side. Sometimes, if they survive, the children come back to the human world, but never the same.

The other world calls them, beckons them to return. In their dreams—and daresay waking hours—they go wandering back to the Faery Realm.

When Faolan, the boy living in a secluded island village, hears that call and meets a man with his own attachment to the other side, he is sent into a whirlwind of danger and finds the excitement he has always yearned for.

However, things are changing on the other side. Politically, naturally, and otherwise. Faery war is approaching, and Faolan finds that there is a price paid for humans who go back to the world of Fae


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J.G. VanDenKooy was born in Las Vegas, NV. He began by writing music at a young age and, after reading ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, became an avid reader.

In 2010 he attended Southern Utah University to study music, but left to transfer in 2012.

He now lives in California, and is a BFA student at California Institute of the Arts studying composition and digital arts. He writes novels for the love of it.


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