Review of The Goddess’s Choice


Reviewer: Tamra Le Valley (2nd Review for August)

Rating: 3 Stars

A Mystical Love Story Gone Right

Boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love, boy must help girl save the kingdom. This story has everything a love story should have. A beautiful girl who has the world at her feet except for a boy to love her and not her crown. The handsome boy has nothing. His family and village disperse him and think that he is the devil incarnate until he meets the girl of his dreams. Together can they save the kingdom from the real evil?

I love this story and the author did a fantastic job with the characters. Not just the human characters but the animals as well. The entire cast gelled together to make the plot exceptional. When an author can make animals seem so real with their mystical powers, as the reader is brought into the story, it makes for a powerful duo.

It was a predictable story with a predictable ending. There was not real guessing as to what could happen next but I have to say I loved that about this book. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple. There definitely needs to be a follow-up to this book.

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