Review of Fire in the Darkness



Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fire in the Darkness

Review of Fantasy


(3rd Review for August)



While often reading the  first book in a sequel, it’s spell binding but the second book in a sequel always lacks something, maybe we love learning about the worlds we are about to jump into, bending our heads to see around corners. Normally in a second book the plot is laid out and now we shall follow through. But with Fire in the Darkness it is SO NOT what happens, I really thought I would be able to predict everything but I can’t I am yet again left screaming for the next instalment. I don’t know who to trust, I don’t know what’s even real at times. The plot has thickened and has delved into the dark side. I found myself hanging on to the edge of my seat, or feeling heartbroken or drained at all the deceit on Ember. This book exceeded my expectations. If you think you know what will happen, trust me you don’t. An outstanding written piece of work.


Characters: Ember she still has kept her smart way of going on, with great comebacks but in this story it’s lovely to see her more vulnerable side, the heart ache she experiences is truly heart wrenching and the author delivers it with a blow that will make you shed tears.


Eli: Hot hot hot, and so complicated but damaged also, he’s interesting but not a Romeo by any means no flowers, no sweet words but for Ember he is her other half in my eyes, the two just make sense. The love between them isn’t gentle or patient it’s trying to clay its way out of them while both of them resist, fighting for self-preservation, but as they say love conquers all.


The author’s style of writing is raw talent, it’s different even quirky. I am a true fan and she tops my list of my favourite Indie Authors. 


To find out more about Stacey Marie Brown and her work you can check her out on goodreads:



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  1. Very good review!


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