Saying a big tHANK YOU to bloggers who help authors

Bloggers and book reviewers help us author in such a huge way, telling the world about our work and promoting it for us. So I wanted to give something back and say a huge thanks to Camelle blogger of home of a book lover.  I contacted Camelle and got her to share some information about herself and why she started reviewing and promoting authors. 



Hi, I’m Camelle a blogger from the Philippines. I love reading books so much it makes me feel like I’m travelling in a different world and it makes me relax. I love meeting people with a common interest so we can talk about the books we’ve read and we can share it.

Blogging is one of my favorite thing to do, but sometimes I don’t know what to post, my ideas are jumbled like a puzzle with missing pieces. I have different topics in mind and I can’t focus on one. Then I suddenly think of doing reviews, it took me months to finalize my decision, and I got inspired with one of the Filipino bloggers here, I won in her contest and I saw her blog and thoughts about the books she read and that’s when I started thinking straight, at first I asked her to teach me some stuff and she has a very kind soul. So from then, I decided to build my own blog and design everything. It’s not an easy task, I have to consider so many things and one is my favorite color so I use purple there as you notice. I started doing reviews too and she inspire me to keep going.

First few months of my blogging is not good, I have to try gathering readers and I’m sad if I saw no one’s reading but then I didn’t give up. I started to join memes, get more book reviews from authors or publishers. I’m trying to gain the trust of every person I talked to. I didn’t give up and time flies by so fast. I’m not that contented with my readers of course, I wanna know more about their thoughts in my review and everything else, but I’m just glad I gained followers and people are really reading my blog. And now I got featured, thank you so much Aoife Marie Sheridan for this. It’s really awesome.

My blog is turning one year in December so watch out for news about it. I didn’t know I can make it this far and I’m happy with my work but then I have to learn more and keep trying. I don’t wanna be contented coz contentment will lead me to nothingness, if I’m contented with what I have right now, there may be no more followers/readers, they will not gain.

By the way more about me? I’m 21 years old. A graduate of Software Engineering and I’m working now in one of the IT company here in the Philippines. I can play a guitar (just a bit), aside from blogging music is my favorite and I sing a bit. Well, I love my blog so much even though I have a hectic schedule at work I always find time to update it and of course reading. I can’t blog if I don’t read. I’m glad to be one of the book bloggers and to be featured here makes me really happy. Thank you so much guys!



You can check my blog here:

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