Spotlight for Brenda Wynn Author of Silverdream and Bloodfire

Synopsis of Silverdream & Bloodfire

When Amanda Jennings, a wheelchair-bound college student, moves into an old house to search for clues about the eccentric Dr. James Harcort, she finds journals left behind by the mysterious doctor.

As the journals are translated, Amanda discovers several magical spells and rituals, and decides to try one of them out, called the Silverdream Ritual. Unbeknownst to her, at the same time, in another world, Prince Kelvan of Serras begins the Bloodfire Ritual.

To their surprise and terror, they crisscross through time and space, finding themselves in each others’ worlds. In Amanda’s case, she not only finds that she can walk, but that the inhabitants of Elydir believe she is The Coritus, the person who will save them from the evil Emperor Aton. In her old world, Prince Kelvan finds himself unable to walk, and a captive of a man with delusions of grandeur named Professor Michael Stevenson.

Amanda, now known as Amen-Jen, is tasked with the epic quest of ridding Elydir of Aton and his half elf, half human witch named Hagah. Assisting her is Prince Kelvan’s pet red dragon, Eliazon.

Amanda’s success or failure is a two-edged sword. If she fails, she will die, leaving Kelvan crippled and trapped in an alien land. If she succeeds and is able to return to her own world, she will go back to living her hum-drum life in a wheelchair.

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 Born in southeast Virginia as one of a twin, like Amanda Jennings, Brenda Wynn has been disabled from a birth defect called spina bifida.  The idea for this story came to her while she attended high school.  She now lives and writes in northeast North Carolina.  During the day, besides writing, she works in the quality assurance department of a medical transcription company based in Georgia.  At night, she visits with Amanda in the fantasy world of Elydir…


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Spotlight for Darren T. Patrick Author of The Cloudstone Key




In the remote mining village of Aystin, Karsen Morgate secretly longs to explore the world outside the town walls; but instead dutifully spends his nights protecting the precious Cloudstone tiles–mined by his father, and engraved with mystical symbols and lore by the reclusive Adept Noxyn. When his half-brother, Petr, commits a gruesome crime, Karsen is forced to flee his home, carrying with him a tile depicting a unique artifact–the Ennae–entrusted to his care by the Adept himself. Alone, ailing, and on the run, Karsen must find help, find his way, and decipher the true meaning of the Ennae. For he soon realizes that he is being pursued by the dark brotherhood of the Shroud, and that he has somehow become an unwilling pawn in an ancient conflict.

The Shroud is stirring.
The world of Tholann is in danger.
And young Karsen Morgate is in the middle of it.


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About the Author:
I’m a fan of story. Full stop. Science Fiction & Fantasy, in particular. The ability to create fantastical worlds and explore them through the eyes of heroic or tragic characters has always fascinated me.

I can trace my passion for reading back to my mother, who handed me my first fantasy fiction paperback at age twelve and told me that “I’d like it”. As to writing, I have my father to thank for that. He spent countless hours with me in front of a clunky word processor and told me that “I’d get it.” Turns out all these years later, they were right!

I’m excited to bring my first fantasy fiction trilogy to life – The Rithhek Cage. The first book (The Cloudstone Key) will be available online in late August 2013.

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