Review of Darkening Chaos by DelSheree Gladden

Darkening Chaos (The Destroyer Trilogy, #3)


Darkening Chaos (Book 3)

Star Rating: 4 Stars

(2nd Review for November)


Reviewer: TAMRA






A Captured Triumph




Once again Libby the Destroyer, has continued to gain in power and knowledge.  To defeat the evil President and his army she must first find out how to unlock her full powers and train the ciphers.  Her plans go awry when she is captured with the help of one of her friends.  She must now wait for 8 months in captivity until her 18th birthday to confront the true villain, the President.




Once again DelSheree Gladden was able to keep the action going in this last book of the trilogy.  Never once did “The Darkening Chaos” become boring or strained in the plot.  There was a fluidity to it that keeps the reader enthralled and striving to find out what happens next.  Even when Libby is imprisoned for 8 months the plot never faltered or became boring.  The author somehow seemed to make the book ebb and flow.




I only found a couple of mistakes in the book which did nothing to alter my enjoyment.  I seemed to have visually seen them but skip over them with no questioning glance.  I am stills surprised that the plot did not falter in any of the books and that the characters were maintained throughout them also.  They were written with clarity and you felt compelled to like all the good guys and understood for the bad guys because they were so  misled 





Overall a very exciting trilogy that I encourage anyone who likes paranormal books to read.  You will not want to put them down.


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Featured Author of the Week D.A Knight – Spotlght for Cretaceous Clay and the Ninth Ring


Tempted by an infomercial, Angela Christie becomes the Black Dwarf’s next unwitting victim in his vile plot. After surviving a booby trapped spacecraft, Inspector Lestrayed, Jack Clay and Shotgun are no closer to catching the Black Dwarf. When they discover another dwarf maiden cut down in the prime of life, they work desperately against the clock to find the wicked warlock before he commits his next terrible crime.

To advance his cruel plot, the Black Dwarf requires a sacrifice of first born children. And he aims to use biot orphans from a school in Moab, the subterranean land three levels below Nodlon.

Can Jack solve the riddle of the missing dwarves? Will Jack help Princess Virginia free the biots? Will Jack survive his next encounter with the deadly dwarf?
What villainy is the Black Dwarf up to?

What are the Black Dwarf and his deadly accomplices Helter and Skelter up?

Will the magician boldly fight a foe no magician has fought before?

Find out in the strange and quirky odyssey of Jack Clay!


So continues the adventures of Cretaceous Clay in an adventure full of kind hearts, flying cars, biots, villainous villains, and affectionate characters who never let you down.

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About the Author:

D.A. Knight


An engineer, an environmentalist, and a lawyer walked into a bar …

D. A. Knight writes non-fiction for a living. After several real-life adventures, D. A. brings his childhood adventures to life with Cretaceous Clay.

Jack Clay, magician and amateur sleuth saves world from an escaped spirit from hell.

Dana is an engineer, a professional environmentalist, and an attorney who practices patent law and pro bono family law. He dwells in Texas and dreams of Middle Earth.

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