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Adela is the earlier story of Adela, giving a deeper look into the coven leader herself.

Adela: Is a beautiful young woman of a very wealthy family in Eastern Europe who is fending off advances from an older aristocratic German business man that has an evil presence about him. She falls madly in love with another man to see her father and his followers come under the attack and clutches of this barren try to use the enslavement of her fathers land and people to force her to be his own.


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About the Author:


J.L McFadden is the Author of the Guardian Series: Guardian, released,Adela,release in September, Chooses, release in December, Adela’s Lost Guardian, March, more to be named at a later date. McFadden spins tragedy and romance into all of his stories with picturesque descriptions that vividly paints and melts the scenes into your pleasure cortex that is a valid and important part of every readers mind. 😉 Jamie Lee was born in a mixed Celtic and Slavic family in the river valleys of Pennsylvania, in his earlier years he played in bands in New York and ended up working his way into H.Q of the largest musical retailer in the world Guitar Center; while working at the store level he managed multiple departments at once and handled all the stores merchandising logistics. He has explored the world and became the first American to be excepted into the Interregional Federation of Aikido Aikikai of Crimea & Sevastopol, where he enjoys learning from great masters from around the world, where he has developed his himself. He explains that the people rich and colorfully different people he has met, spawned a lot of his characters.


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Review for Laurie Lyons Author of Feather





Star rating: 3 stars




The start of the story I was enthralled with Lucy a girl with photogenic memory, who was of course a genius and very interesting to watch as she moves through campus life. But then she meets Nat a guy with no memory. Lucy instantly falls for him, but there’s one catch no-one can see him but Lucy. So we watch them bond and soon learn that he’s an angel. This brought me up to 40% of the book and that’s when I stopped being intrigued and excited, as the rest was mostly a love story.

We do have a few surprises when we visit Lucy’s mum and we also get to see where Nat goes when he’s not with Lucy.

The love story itself was  very well written and a beautiful  story at that, but it just wasn’t’ for me as I prefer more action, a man to be a little rough, confusing and dark, but where Nat was a kind, caring loving person who smiled and laughed throughout the book.


 Now saying all that I really liked Roman and would definitely read a story from his perspective, loved his aggression. (I know it’s so wrong).


 Anyway overall an easy read. So if you like paranormal with the love story taking the lead then feather is for you.


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Featured Author Elle Jacklee ~ Tree of Mindala


Miranda Moon’s vivid imagination has gotten her into trouble more times than she can count. This time, she’s been suspended from school. So her straight-laced younger brother, Marcus, blames her when they’re relegated to their late grandparents’ old cabin over Halloween weekend. But when Miranda finds a curious trinket, they’re mysteriously whisked away to Wunderwood, where magic flows through the trees and everyone already knows their family name. A place even Miranda never imagined.

Just as they arrive, a sinister warlock, Thornton Crow, is freed from a long banishment. He resumes his deadly agenda to find The Tree of Mindala, the source of all the realm’s magic. As Miranda and Marcus discover branches of their own family tree that they hadn’t even known existed, they learn that Thornton has a score to settle with anyone in their bloodline. Especially them… Though justice has always had a way of being naturally restored in Wunderwood, Thornton’s latest evil deed just may be the tipping point.

When Miranda discovers her own role in Thornton’s release, she knows it’s up to her to stop him from stealing not just magic, but also hope. With travel companions that could as easily be foes as friends, and only the cryptic words of a prophecy to guide her, Miranda must decide if she can carry out the task that will either save Wunderwood… or doom it forever.

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About the Author:


My mantra is “Life is short.” I believe in making every moment count. Purple is my favorite color. I think black cats are good luck. My professional titles have included software programmer, inside sales rep, and bilingual customer service rep. But my favorite titles are mother, wife, and author.

I’m the author of the Tree of Mindala, a middle grade fantasy. It’s the first in my Wunderwood series.

My love of reading began with classics such as L. Frank Baum’s Oz books and C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. The endless hours of enjoyment that they, and countless others, gave me sparked my passion for writing. I hope that my stories will help instill in children a lifelong love of reading as well as the knowledge that imagination has no limits.

I am currently working on the second installment of the Wunderwood series. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and two young sons, none of whom are in a hurry to grow up. And that’s just fine with me!

Connect with me at http://www.facebook.com/elle.jacklee(less)

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Review and Spotlight for Home of a Book Lover Tour ~ Finding Home by Lauren K.McKellar




Moody, atmospheric, and just a little bit punk, Finding Home takes
contemporary YA to a new level of grit…

When Amy’s mum dies, the last thing she expects is to be kicked off her
dad’s music tour all the way to her Aunt Lou in a depressing hole of a
seaside town. But it’s okay — Amy learned how to cope with the best, and
soon finds a hard-drinking, party-loving crowd to help ease the pain.

The only solace is her music class, but even there she can’t seem to keep
it together, sabotaging her grade and her one chance at a meaningful
relationship. It takes a hard truth from her only friend before Amy
realizes that she has to come to terms with her past, before she destroys
her future.

Author’s Bio

Lauren McKellar is a writer and editor of fact and fiction. She has worked
in publishing for more than eight years, editing a national magazine named
PETS, which is cute, fluffy and fun, as well as editing manuscripts that
range from sweet romance to raunchy thrillers. Lauren loves to write for
the Young and New Adult markets, and her debut novel, Finding Home, is a YA
Contemporary. She is a member of the YA Rebels (vlog) and the Aussie Owned
and Read blogging team. In her free time, Lauren enjoys long walks on the
beach with her two super-cute dogs and her partner-in-crime/fiancé.
My Review:

Finding Home

Star Rating 5 stars


This isn’t the type of book I would normally read, but I was given it for an honest opinion as part of a book tour. I surprisingly found so much meaning and depth in this story.  Amy a damaged young lady, her mother is dead and her father is a rock star and to top it all off Amy has a drink and attitude problem, her father sees no other way out but to ship her off to her aunt Lou’s.


Amy has been home schooled the last three years so starting a new school and in the middle of the term is tough add all the other problems she carries with her and you’ve got a walking time bomb.  I found Amy was like so many other people bottling up problems, blaming everyone for their problems and creating new ones along the way. She did everything that was bad or wrong just to ease the pain of losing her mother, but the road she goes down is so destructive and sad.


The author very bravely tackles so many topics with taste, nothing in the novel is too graphic yet we are faced with drink and drug problems, the loss of a parent and abuse of a sexual nature. I found seeing all this through Amy’s eyes was hard as she was at the receiving end of all of this. Yet while we follow Amy on her sad journey there was one lesson to be learnt you can look at it from her perspective or her fathers, but in my eyes there is three sides to every story, his side, her side and then the truth but the truth hurts and regardless if you’re an adult or a child it’s a tough one to face up too no matter what.


I really enjoyed this story it gives you pause about your own turmoil’s in life and how you really deal or look at them, sometimes we need to take a deep breath and stand back from the circle to see the whole picture.


This is a story about finding yourself and one that was well written with great meaning, I truly enjoyed it. 

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