Monday’s Review ~ Sovereign Hope by Author Frankie Rose





Everyone has a soul.

Some are just worth more than others

Farley Hope was seventeen when her mother disappeared. In the last six months not much has changed, except that her eighteenth birthday came and went and still no sign of Moira. Her life is just as complicated as it always was. Since her father died in a car crash before she was even born, she’s officially parentless, and to top it all off she’s still suffering from the hallucinations. Mind-splitting, vivid hallucinations- the kind prone to induce night terrors and leave you whimpering under your covers like a baby.

The last thing on her mind is boys. Farley is on break from St. Judes’ when she meets Daniel. It’s not some casual run in at a party, or even a blind date with friends, though. Daniel is the guy following her in his 1970′s Dodge Charger; the guy standing at her window in the LA lunch hour traffic, trying to persuade her to leave everything behind and follow him. And he’s hot as all hell. 

The moment Farley lays eyes on Daniel, everything changes. He is cold and withdrawn, but there are cracks in his harsh veneer- cracks that betray the secrets he is trying so hard to hide. Farley is drawn into a world that will shake apart everything she thought she ever knew. There are truths out there that she must learn: that a person’s soul is their only real currency, and there are people who would do anything to take hers; that loving someone can hurt so much more than hating them; but, most importantly, when your future is predestined, there is little you can do to change it.

Farley Hope is prophesied.

Her coming has been awaited for hundreds of years.

She is destined to end the tyranny of the Soul Reavers.

To do so she must die.





Frankie Rose was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives with her husband in sunny Australia. 

She officially makes things up for a living, and when she’s not doing that, she is generally making paper birds out of receipts and old lists or taking photographs that make her smile.

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Review of Sovereign Hope

Rating: 4.5 stars


This story is told through Farley’s eyes mostly some told through Daniels eyes.

Farley’s mother is missing for six months her dad dead. She goes through each day hoping news of her mother will be announced but nothing. Since she was young she’s had visions as such of people dying, diagnosed with have migraines that cause this condition doesn’t make it stop.


Realising she’s been followed she soon comes face to face with Daniel who is as moody as they come, his appearance in her life thrusts her into a paranormal world at war and she is the focal point.


I loved the history behind this story and the author was extremely creative in writing in the sense of good versus evil, but neither having quite a fine line. Nothing is just clean cut or black and white there is so much grey in this story.


Farley is such a funny character without knowing it, and I enjoyed reading from her perspective so much being thrown into such a crazy world she acts accordingly thinking everyone is mad or that she’s going mad, but soon the evidence keeps piling up and she faces up to the truth about who she really is. She’s brave and loyal to the ones she loves and I loved her relationship with her best friend Tess. She discovers so much when Daniel takes her to Agatha.


Daniel is moody, sarcastic and really good looking. I could picture him so clearly; a damaged soul trying so hard to encase his heart in stone until Farley shows up and his confusion turns to anger and more sarcasm. So it’s really funny watching their feelings grow along with both of their anger towards each other. It’s a love hate relationship. But I loved it.


The plot was amazing like I said earlier it was very creative and had me on the edge of my seat, this is only book number one and I can only imagine what book two will bring to the table, I can’t wait to read it.


Overall a really great story, with a strong love interest going through it and enough secrets along with some horror to keep you turning the pages.



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