Spotlight for Blood Bound by Author Sharon Stevenson


Blood Bound 1


19-year-old twin demon trackers Shaun and Sarah Gallows are used to running into trouble – mostly the kind with fangs – but while Sarah embraces her powers to their fullest extent, trusting her instincts implicitly, Shaun distances himself from his abilities and can do little more than despair at his sister’s reckless nature and idly back her up.
When they come across 17-year-old Melissa Carling, a demon tracker who’s been torturing innocent super-naturals, they know they have to stop her. Sarah is desperate to punish Melissa for what she’s been doing but Shaun’s instant attraction to the girl points to a soul-mate bond stronger than anything he’s ever had to fight before…

***Be warned this book is New Adult Modern Fantasy, not YA. It is not suitable for younger readers as it contains profanity & sexual references.


Sarah Gallows in action by Laura Boland


A soft sigh pulled Shaun’s attention down to his twin sister.  Sarah stood steady beside him, staring into the darkness with a whisper of a smile twitching at her lips.  Her blue eyes shone bright past the dark eye-makeup.  It was time.  The energy she held so tightly coiled was ready to be unleashed.  Shaun felt the first sparks flicker from her as she slipped forward into the nest.   Shivering, he followed, ducking the doorframe.

Her right hand reached out and yanked one of the vampires out of the shadows.  The creature was a good foot taller than her and almost twice as wide but he trembled under her steady gaze, knees giving out under him.

Collective hissing from the darkness set Shaun’s nerves on edge.  There were a couple more than he’d first calculated and of the twenty presences in the room, every last glowing eye was locked on the petite blonde who’d just crashed the party.

Not one of the creatures appeared to sense Sarah’s lanky brother glowering at them with his one real eye from the shadows beside her, the usual case when she was around shining too brightly to be ignored.  Shaun half-thought Sarah did it on purpose; she worried far more than she should.  He shifted the stake in his hand, ready to strike, and looked to Sarah.

The vampire she held weakened under her touch.  He looked up at her with tears streaming down his undead face.  Blood stained his slack mouth.  The human girl he’d been feeding on lay dying on the floor under the cover of shadows, her drained body past help.  The girl’s life-force was ebbing away and yet the sympathy overflowing from his sister was being extended to the monster she held, for the awful things that had set him on this path.

Shaun frowned at her.  The vampire sobbed at her feet, clinging onto her slim legs.  She pulled back, but only to crouch down beside him.  The other eyes only watched, unblinking.

“Ssh,” she whispered, stroking the side of his face.  He shivered under the direct touch of her skin to his.  His fever-bright eyes sank into her black-hole gaze.

She had the sword in her hand before any of the vampires could react.  The blade sliced through her chosen one’s neck, unmaking him in an instant.  The smoky burnt-out mulch his body collapsed into seasoned the air.  Shaun held his breath, trying vainly not to inhale any while it still clung to the atmosphere.  The stillness in the room started to unnerve him.  The captive undead audience poised to strike, ready and remorseless.

Sarah wiped off the sword and looked up, death in her gaze.

“Who’s next?”


Series Overview:

About The Gallows Novels:

These are Modern Fantasy eBooks set in an alternate reality Scotland, complete with entirely fictional towns and supernatural entities such as vampires, witches, fairies and werewolves.

This is a continuing series, with 5 books out now.  Book number 6 is currently underway, due for release in December 2014.

Warning – these books are Adult Modern Fantasy, not YA.  They are littered with profanity and may be considered sexually rampant by more conservative readers!

The books are available at the following places:

Amazon UK  Amazon US  Barnes & Noble US  Barnes & Noble UK  iTunes  Smashwords

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