This weeks featured Author is ~ Antoinette J. Houston


Jason was gone. Bobby was left behind in Georgia, but things weren’t where Wil wanted them. In a nowhere town in the middle of Texas, Wil thought they could start over. Create a new life like normal people. But even small towns can have major drama. A bar fight wrecks what he is trying so hard to build back. Childish revenge almost costs him Rita. Secrets get out and things seem at their worst. Eventually issues get worked out,tempers are cooled down and just when things seem to be calming down, Bobby shows up.



About the Author:


Antoinette J. Houston was born Antoinette J. Stewart in El Paso, Texas but raised in Union City, Georgia. She now lives in Hampton, Georgia with her husband and rambunctious four year old son with whom she particularly enjoys not acting her age. Her hobbies include creative cooking, drawing, playing video games and a budding interest in quilting. She enjoys watching anime and reading mangas and loves an eclectic array of music ranging from metal to classic r&b.

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