This weeks featured Author is ~ M.L. Crum

25173048 ~A sensual novel~ When irony falls upon Miriam… she slams head on into the face of destiny. Miriam Duvall is followed by a shadow cast over her by irony itself. Feeling reborn and falling in love—all within blissful amnesia—this feisty woman accidentally transcends the rules of time, regaining her memory right at the precipice of the most tragic event in her past. Seizing this opportunity, she looks destiny square in the eye and declares this time around, she’s the one in charge. She proceeds to manipulate the events leading to that fatal accident before it deteriorates the family she dearly loves and hurls her down a guilt-ridden path of self-destruction again. Her opportunity for redemption knocks in the form of a handsome but mysterious physicist named Dr. Ian Stone. Shrouded in secrets, this man’s whole existence revolves around preventing the moment evil claimed his soul, robbing him of a life worth living. He has spent centuries calculating how to harness an exorbitant amount of energy, wherein making time travel a reality. However, one variable was never factored into his equations: falling in love. His obsession fuels a deep denial, deflecting his true feelings until his heart wins out at the exact moment he loses Miriam back in time. Their contrasting worlds cohesively collide and repel during a series of climatic events spiraling around a man harboring a dark secret as he travels back in time to fight for a second chance at love, ironically placing this exceptional woman in a position where she must choose between a past life she desperately wants or a future with the man she undeniably loves. Her slap-the-face-of-destiny decisions could deliver her into heartbreaking sadness or possibly set her on a journey of forgiveness that will reset her soul. Image About the Author: 9018423   Hello! Some would say I have a lived a quiet, simple life. Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, I lived in the same house for my first eighteen years. I went on to earn a Bachelors of Science and became a teacher. I have been teaching students for more than fifteen years, during which time I furthered my education and obtained a Masters in Reading. Teaching remains a passion in my life, so much so, I always envisioned myself as only a teacher, until last year. Twelve months ago, divine inspiration stepped in, and I was reminded of my forgotten passion – writing. I had been an avid writer throughout my childhood and into my teens. My love of writing extended into college where my focus slowly then turned to teaching others. Somewhere along the line, between college, a new career and family, the joy of writing for myself became secondary. I am pleased to say I have rediscovered this joy. I started writing again for the first time in years and the result is this brand new novel, Irony of Time. Following this debut, the parallel novel, Hope with Stickers, is scheduled to be published in 2015. I continue to lead a quiet life in Pennsylvania with my husband of twenty years and our two spirited children. You could say, writing is now my third child. Going forward, as we enter the teenage years with our first born, I am looking forward to this interesting new chapter in my life as I begin my journey to become an author.

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