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After a chance meeting of a reality TV ghost hunting team a group of teens decide they could do a better job. Jordan Sansom reluctantly agrees to the adventure of hunting ghosts. He has lived with his secret and hid it from everyone. Being a teen is hard enough without the added worry of people laughing at him if they ever found out that he saw ghost or spirits. He holds on to the hope that once they have scientific evidence of something paranormal, he can reveal the ghostly occurrences to his friends and they will not tease him with the old line “I see dead people.”
Come join the adventures of the Paranormal Activity Search Team 6, aka P.A.S.T. 6; Jordan, his little sister Lizzie, Kasey, Dallas, Thomas, and C.J. as they come to the realization that Jordan and even a few more of them are more attuned to the spiritual plane that coexists alongside the mortal world; more than anyone of them ever envisioned.


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About the Author:


Author Charlotte Chaffin aka OMA has always been interested in ghosts and paranormal happenings. She began writing short stories about ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night to entertain children. Charlotte then compiled those stories into her books titled Mostly True Stories; Chronicles of the Paranormal. Charlotte is an avid crafter, she loves teaching her grandchildren and friends the joy of hand crafting, cooking and story telling. Charlotte lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her wonderful family and beloved pets.



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