Fraud Release Day Blitz with Casey L Bond

Title: Fraud

Author: Casey L Bond

Genre: NA Paranormal

Cover Model: Ashley Caruso

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling

Cover Photography: Nadege Richards of Vellum and Wing Photography

Editor: Stacy Sanford

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Every curse has a beginning.

Every curse has an end.

But no curse is fulfilled without sacrifice.

Someone has been lying to Porschia Grant—someone she loves. And the secrets withheld might spell disaster for her and the world.  Much like curses, lies can hurt. They can ruin everything.

When everything falls apart, is happily ever after even a possibility?

Hunger is deceitful.


Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.

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Wicked Winter Blog Tour Box Set

Title: Wicked Winter

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Expected Release Date: December 6th, 2016

Cover Designer: Rene Folsom

Charity Anthology: Alzheimer Association

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Warm up your chilly nights with 15 stories by some of today’s hottest USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors as they tell you tales of vampires, shifters, elementals, fae, and demons trying to find a little love this winter.

All proceeds will be donated to help support the Alzheimer’s Association in the fight to find a cure.

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TAGLINE: How can one move forwards when their past comes back to haunt those they love?

TEASER: “So arrogant all you Fae warriors. Tell me where are your wings, little one?”

Holly’s grin widened as her wings sprang free of her back and with a quick push from the snow she was crashing both her body and the snarling wolf through the branches of the tree’s that were only seconds ago above them.

Dorthea’s gaze widened as she took in the spread of Holly’s stark white wings. “Those don’t belong to you… what are you?”

Holly tried not to flinch at the accusation. The wings weren’t hers… not originally, but they had been gifted from her father and every time she released the massive white feathers from her back, she felt her father’s presence. His strength supporting her, encouraging her to do what she had always been meant to do. To fight at her siblings’ and the warriors’ side. To help the Light Fae and keep the humans safe from what could slip from the Middle World, like the bitch she was holding a good sixty feet in the air.

“I’m the daughter of Try and the warrior who is going to end you.”

COLD HEARTS by Emma Shade

TAGLINE: Sometimes love finds your inner wolf.

TEASERS: I had finished my burger and moved on to the loaded cheese fries. However, something compelled me look up.

In walked a gorgeous guy that screamed tall, dark, and handsome. I knew the description was cliché, but daaaamn. He glanced around the restaurant and I noticed his eyes resembled mist on a foggy morning.

My inner wolf instantly perked up, my senses on overload. Then he looked at me and the world shifted. The busy diner disappeared as if we were the only two here. We both stared at each other as my long forgotten cheese fries dripped gooey sauce on my fingers.

THE OAK by S.L Dearing

TAGELINE: Passion. Devotion. Obsession. The Crusade to win her heart begins with The Oak.

TEASER: Keitha relished the chill in the air as the warmth of the sun broke through the winter cloud cover. Sunlight streamed over the forest, pushing through the pine needles and bouncing off the white mounds of snow. Pulling her cloak tightly around her as she maneuvered over the drifts, Keitha trudged forward until she came to a cluster of bushes covered in small red fruit. She opened her satchel and began plucking the small round rose hips from the frozen branches, humming to herself. So engrossed in her endeavor, she was unaware that she was being watched.

From several hundred yards away, Foley Guillory leaned against a tree, watching her intently. Knitting his brows together, he absently wiped his mouth.

“Are we going to hunt, or not?” came a whine from behind him.

Foley turned and stared at his companion. Cody Page was short and slightly pudgy with freckles and a head of ginger hair.  he folded his arms in front of him, a pale attempt to defy the handsome huntsman. Foley smirked before turning his attention back to Keitha. “We’ll go when I say we go.”

“Aww, c’mon, Foley. It’s cold out here. Why do you have to follow her everywhere anyway?”

“Because… she’s mine. She belongs to me… she just doesn’t understand that yet.”

FRIGID by Rene Folsom

TAGLINE: With the struggle to hone her powers as an elemental half-breed, Kirsi learns what it means to protect her heart all while keeping the town of Relic safe.

TEASER: I glanced over my shoulder while I ran, my hand holding my side.  The stitches there were tearing at my skin, the wound a painful reminder of last week’s run-in, and the heeled boots I wore tonight weren’t doing me any favors.  I had no idea why I decided to put them on.  I should’ve known better than to assume I’d have a normal night.

When was anything in my life normal?

The n-word was clearly not in my vocabulary.

I huffed and continued, practically holding myself together as I ran through the streets of Relic toward the forest. I didn’t care one little bit about the looks I was getting from mortali bystanders. I needed to make it to the perimeter of my land and that was my only focus. Once I hit the border, the wards I set would automatically protect me, keeping out any I didn’t choose to let in.

My date had been a disaster, ending with this God-forsaken chase. I could still feel the asshole’s slimy hands lingering on my skin.  Just the memory sent chills up my spine.  The fact I couldn’t pin down who—or what—it was had my insides coiling like I’d just swallowed a gulp of sour milk.

The malus approached me just outside the restaurant, its breath seeping into my sinuses like a poison, yet no verbal demand came from it.  Regardless of its physical appearance being that of a human male, I could tell by the look in its eyes and the stench on its skin that it was anything but.

It didn’t take a genius to know I had to get far away and fast.

HOLLY by Danielle Gavan

TAGLINE: Fantasies, Dreams, Nightmares… Ralph Holly’s world just got complicated.

TEASER: Careful to keep their fingertips from brushing, Ralph took possession of the tablet and accessed the surveillance files from Philip’s home. He queued up the video he’d discovered earlier and turned it for Reverie to view. A crease formed between her brows as the seconds ticked by, her eyes glossing over as sadness took root. Ralph pulled the device back and shut down the video feed before the tears started. He couldn’t handle tears. His mother had cried at the drop of a pin and it has ripped at his heart. Every. Single. Time. No. Tears were not happening. Especially not Reverie’s tears.

“So,” he sighed and cleared his throat. “That’s why I think your brother’s involved, as if his parents getting divorced isn’t enough of a nightmare.”

Reverie nodded, her perfect white teeth scraping over the sweep of her lower lip again. Focus on the task, Ralph reminded himself. Focus on the fucking task. He gave himself a mental shake and tried for a neutral expression.

“I’ve got a guy on the night shift in surveillance.” Ralph pulled his cell out from the holster on his belt and opened the messaging app. He tapped in a quick message and then looked across the table at her once more. “Let me check in with him and I’ll get back to you. I can’t guarantee it’ll be tonight, but as soon as I know anything you’ll know. Okay?”

“Okay.” She gave him a grateful smile and reached across, her small hand landing on the bicep he’d rested on the back of his chair. Every single one of the fine hairs covering his body stood at attention. Every neuron and synapse fired, tensing muscles and sending signals like crazy throughout his body. Her fingers squeezed his bicep and Ralph nearly swallowed his tongue. Fuck. If just one touch could make him react like that… What would full on contact be like?


TEASER: Taking in the young woman in front of him, Abraham couldn’t help but enjoy the view of her long dark curls clinging to her glistening face and body. Her skin was losing the flushed look from the hot shower he had clearly interrupted, but her complexion glowed as her green eyes sparkled back at him during their brief conversation. He was not about to walk away from this obsidian beauty.

Pulling a black and white photograph from his inside coat pocket, showing her the snapshot of a picnic scene with three adults and a little girl sporting pigtails clasping onto a raggedy panda bear, Abraham pleaded. “Please do not dismiss me. I can wait outside until you are suitably dressed and ready to receive me into your abode? Trust me, Ebony. I have information about your family.”

A thousand reasons why she shouldn’t trust him were probably flashing through her mind, but he knew the photograph held more than a distant memory for her. He could have the answers she wanted—no, the answers she needed. However the outcome unraveled, she would regret closing the door . She wrapped her fingers gingerly around the photograph, never taking her eyes from it as she retreated back into the safety of her home. Abraham was about to protest when two words silenced him. “Wait here.”

MATED by Katie Salidas

TAGLINE: Confirmed bachelor.

Serial Womanizer.

Sex God.

Brady wore those titles like a badge of honor.

Boyfriend or ― a word that should never be spoken ― Mate.

No. Way. In. Hell.

He’d never let a woman tie him down… like that.





WINTERS RUN by Rebecca Brooke

BITTER by Alexia Purdy

TAGLINE: Becoming the Alpha is going to take all he’s got.

TEASER: A large white and gray spotted wolf approached him snarling and baring his teeth through the rumbling growls. Hayden could barely get a good look at him as his vision refused to sharpen. He badly wanted to drift off into a beckoning sleep of nothing. The enormous wolf paused its snarls, sniffing him with a morbid curiosity increasingly interested in the blood trickling from the gash on his head. Hayden tried to shift his position slowly, but his body refused to cooperate, not moving. Yet, he could feel his strength returning as his vision cleared up and landed directly onto a pair of black outlined silver eyes.

Crap. This wasn’t good. There was nothing but malice guaranteed in a wolf’s stare down.

COOLING by Morgan Jane Mitchell

TAGLINE: While the other worldly town of Cooling heats up for its newest resident, Mardella Craft wants answers, not to be snowed in with the sexy demon. Will it take a devil to melt her cold heart?

IMARA by Jessica Cage

TAGLINE: Winter was her favorite season.

TEASER: It was the frost in the air that did something seductive to her. Most would claim the heat of the summer brought the months of highest arousal, but Imara disagreed with this theory wholeheartedly. The chilled air, the early nights, and the desire that winter brought, was the most gratifying for the sexually charged woman. Granted, Imara was far from being considered normal by any means. Standing on her balcony, she enjoyed the soft dusting of wintery flakes as she peered out over the city. The sheer robe that barely hid the deep chocolate tones of her skin, flew open as the winds picked up. The cool air caressed her flesh, touched the dark rings of her nipples, and aroused her. Behind the veil of her thick mane of curls, her eyes glowed with a deep blue—she was hungry.

Imara filled her lungs with a long pull of the wintery air. What she sensed was the heat of the people nearby. That was the thing about winter, it made it so much easier to target her prey. In summer, everyone was hot, everyone was ready, but in the winter, only those who were truly sexual by nature stood out to her. Those were the ones who tasted the best, those were the ones who satisfied her most.

Imara was born a succubus … half-succubus to be exact, which was why she was an outcast to her demonic family. Her father, a dark warlock who tricked her mother into bedding him, left them both high and dry. Hell, at least she inherited a bit of magic from him. It took years for her to learn to control the power, but somehow she’d managed. It wasn’t easy, as a lot of the witches she ran into weren’t eager to help the half demon. In fact, most of them actually tried to kill her. Excuse a girl for saying hello! This, of course, meant she had to deal with some of the shadiest people she would ever encounter.

What else was to be expected in the life of a succubus?

THE FALL OF WINTER by Virginia Cantrell

TAGLINE: Sometimes the wrong choices lead your heart to the right place.

TEASER: At the sound of the door slamming against the stone wall, I launched to my feet, but froze in shock at the sight that greeted me. A small, frightened girl was dragged through the wooden doorway by three burly sentinels. The girl thrashed against their hold, but she was no match against the soldiers. Their brute strength easily outmatched her own; not to mention, she was powerless against their ability to negate her natural command of one of the four elements. The sentinels were the perfect counter balance to an elemental, maintaining nature’s order.

It had been five long years since I had gazed upon that face, and I never imagined our reunion to be quite like this. Fear and confusion threaten to overwhelm me as time stood still and everything froze, all except my heart beating ferociously in my chest. The sentinels seemed just as confused as me as their gazes bounced between me and the now docile girl. Perhaps they weren’t aware Ivey had a twin, much less expecting my presence at such a volatile moment. The soldiers on each side of Ivey retained their grip on her upper arms while the third sentinel held firmly to her shoulders, but still Ivey was able to reach her hand out to me.

“Annabelle,” she whispered imploringly.

The look of helplessness on my once-proud sister’s face had me automatically rushing to grasp her hand. Just as our fingers made contact, one of the soldiers bellowed, “Don’t,” and tried to wrench Ivey away, but it was too late. Catching them by surprise, Ivey sprang forward, clutching my hand. Quick as lightning, a familiar sensation coiled in my stomach. I tried to gain control of it, but it was yanked from me.

The blast of energy exploded in the air, emitting a heat so great, the sentinels were dead before they hit the ground. For a moment, my heart stopped beating and my knees threaten to give out, my legs suddenly unable to hold my weight. But before I could give into that weakness, Ivey’s words and accusatory tone caught my attention, stiffening my spine.

“Annabelle, what have you done?”

“I d-didn’t…” I tried to deny it, to explain, but no other words emerged through my shock. Vaguely, I noticed the glassy excitement that shown in Ivey’s eyes as my twin surveyed the destruction around us. Had she—

Just then, the sound of rushing footsteps could be heard through the door. Ivey snatched up my forearm in a biting grip.


That one whispered word echoed through my head as if it had been bellowed inside a deep cave. Acting on instinct, I didn’t even think about it. I just did as my sister commanded. I ran.

THE COTTAGE by Lavinia Urban

TAGLINE: Forbidden gateway to the dark realm.











EVERLEE FROST by Emily Walker

TAGLINE: Everlee’s new boyfriend is hiding something, sometimes secrets can be deadly.

TURNED by Katherine Rhodes

TAGLINE: She didn’t ask to be turned; she only asked to be loved.


Waking up dead sucks.

Cracking her eyes open as one of the undead for the first time in the cellars of Castle Pietra, Sara immediately meets her guardian—well, werewolf. She witnesses him halt her summary execution and then save her life with his blood.

His sweet, delicious, magic-laced blood.

Slowly, through Michael Morchause’s tutelage and the kindness of his family, she starts to adjust to being a vampire. It’s not the best un-life, but at least she can make sure her little brother Keelan is safe and cared for.

But all it took was one winter night. A night she was enjoying with her date, Marius, and trying to live just a little bit of the life she lost when everything changed. She, Marius and Michael are pulled into a world that was darker, more cruel, and bigger than they ever suspected.

And Keelan was their captive.

Magen McMinimy

Magen started writing as a hobby. Having been one of those people obsessed with the world of the paranormal for as long as she can remember, she loves creating her own worlds for readers to get lost in. She see’s life as a constant balance of what we want and what we need. A balance that we all have to create in our own way.

“Life is a constant balance of what we want and what that balance in her love of writing and cherishes every minute she’s fortunate enough chase her dreams. We need. It’s also a lot like a Battle. A battle that we all have to fight our own way. I choose to try and love and cherish every minute that I get to chase my crazy dreams and create a world and characters to get lost in.”

Rene Folsom

Rene Folsom, author of paranormal romance and erotica, lives in Florida with her husband and three kids. She has officially diagnosed herself with creative ADD and often has a million and one writing projects going at once. In addition to writing, she is also a graphic artist who enjoys creating custom book covers for indie authors. She is definitely an artist at heart and would love nothing more than to be elbow deep in clay during her waking hours.

Rene believes that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. She is proud to say that her personal experiences have been inspirational, though perhaps not always identical to that of her fictional characters. Where reality and fantasy diverge, however, must remain her little secret…

Morgan Jane Mitchell

Bestselling Erotic Romance and Paranormal author Morgan Jane Mitchell spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction. Trading politicians for bloodsuckers of another kind, she’s now the author of bestselling post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, Sanguis City. Her action packed series of vampires, witches, demons and zombies is paranormal romance, dystopia, urban fantasy and erotica in one bite. When Morgan Jane is not creating the city of blood or conjuring up other supernatural tales, she’s dreaming up erotic and dark romances.

Keep up to date and sign up for her newsletter for exclusive giveaways, teasers and chapter reveals.

Alexia Purdy

Alexia is a USA Today Bestselling author who currently lives in Las Vegas and loves spending every free moment writing or hanging out with her four rambunctious kids. Writing is the ultimate getaway for her since she’s always lost in her head. She is best known for her award-winning Reign of Blood series, and A Dark Faerie Tale Series.

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Jessica Cage

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, writing has always been a passion for Jessica Cage. She decided to take a risk and unleash the plethora of characters and their crazy adventurous worlds that had previously existed only in her mind, into the realm of readers. She did this with hopes to inspire not only her son but herself. Inviting the world to tag along on her journey to become the writer she has always wanted to be. She hopes to continue writing and bringing her signature Caged Fantasies to readers everywhere.

Rebecca Brooke

Rebecca Brooke grew up in the shore towns of South Jersey. Writing has always been a love for her, as well as reading. She loves to hit the beach, but always with her kindle on hand. She is married to the most wonderful man, who puts up with all of her craziness. Together they have two beautiful children who keep her on her toes. Rebecca is the author of contemporary, new adult, and paranormal romance.

Virginia Cantrell

Virginia’s greatest passion has always been fiction, particularly romance. The innocent in her loves the idea of a happily ever after, but she has a massive soft spot for the bad boys. If you ask her, she’ll tell you she’s living her dream—getting paid to read and helping indie authors to create beauty by working as an editor for Hot Tree Editing. She’s inspired by the many amazing indie authors she has met and has (finally) found the courage to follow her other dream by becoming a published author.

Virginia would love to hear from you at or please consider leaving a review at Amazon or Goodreads.

S.L. Dearing

Although she grew up in Arizona, Shannon L. Dearing was born and raised in California

and considers the Golden State her home. Shannon attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,

studying biology, before returning to Los Angeles where she spent several years studying at

Los Angeles City College’s renowned Television/ Film program. Although she has directed, produced and performed several other crew functions, nowadays regarding her film career, she is a screenwriter and, on occasion, an awesome crafty (Craft Services).

Besides, screenplays, Shannon is also a published multi-genre author – currently working on the next book in the Lia Fail Series, The Bridging: Book Two of The Lia Fail Chronicles, due out in 2017 (book 1 and 1.5 are already available), and she is working on a Sci-Fi Romance novella, Captured, also due out in 2017. When not writing or reading, Shannon enjoys spending time with friends and family.  Her hobbies include making jewelry and book swag (she has an Etsy store, Underdweller Treasures), baking and candy making, learning the guitar and drawing. Shannon currently resides in Los Angeles.

Danielle Gavan

Danielle is an International Amazon and All Romance eBooks Bestselling Author. She is currently pursuing her dream of writing, editing and graphic design while maintaining a full-time job.

She resides in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her two beautiful teenage sons. Her incredibly supportive, and loving partner is also never far from her side and cheering Danielle on like the Number One fan that he is.

Danielle welcomes email and you may contact her at

Twitter @DanielleGavan

Katherine Rhodes

Armed with a pen name, Katherine Rhodes has gird her loins and set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. As a lackadaisical laundry goddess, and an expert in the profundities of bad music and awful literature-thanks to her husband-Katherine strives to find balance in the universe and time to cook dinner. An East Coast dweller, currently located in the Philadelphia Tristate area, she is the proud servants of three cats and would take a vacation in Prague over a day at the beach any time.

Katie Salidas

Author of the Immortalis, Chronicles, and Little Werewolf Series, Las Vegas native, Katie Salidas is a Jill of all trades.  Mother to three, Wife to one, and slave to the craft of writing, she tries to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

Emma Shade

Emma lives in Indiana with her husband and three crazy cats. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Visual Communications with Photography. When she’s not busy writing her next novel or doing college homework, Emma enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, taking naps, or curled up with a good book.

Lavinia Urban

Lavinia originally grew up in Cheshire and now lives in a small village just outside of Edinburgh with her husband and two daughters.

Writing has always been something that Lavinia have loved since an early age but it wasn’t until 2010 when the idea came to her to write Erin the Fire Goddess.

Lavinia chose to name the main character and her sister after her two daughters, who inspire Lavinia to write every day.

Emily Walker

Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them. She is constantly losing her chap-stick, and has an obsession with the color pink. Currently a resident of the mountains and loving the view she writes mostly paranormal fiction, and horror. Her small family consists of her red bearded other half, a rat terrier named Rebel, and a little girl named Harper.

Jax Walsh

Jax loves to listen to music while closing her eyes and letting the stories unfold. This was her favourite pastime growing up in Scotland and today remains high on her list. Her father, James Walsh, introduced her to a world of fantasy and imagination with a visit to the local library, kick-starting a love affair with the written word. As an avid reader, she prefers paranormal romance, thrillers, and the horror genre; she relished in the new challenge of writing her own novella.

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Everything She Ever Wanted Blog Tour with Liz Durano

Title: Everything She Ever Wanted

Author: Liz Durano

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Model: Franggy Yanez

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


I was never into fairy tales.

But discovering a real live princess in my house reminds me of the story of the three bears and some chick who breaks into their pad, eats all their food, and sleeps in their beds.

Just like the one that’s in mine right now.

At first, I thought she was dead, but the rise and fall of her chest told me that she was just passed out, probably from the half-empty bottle of Bordeaux I’d been saving for a special occasion. Two grand down the drain, courtesy of Goldi-effing-locks here, who’s not only passed out cold, but she’s also naked.

I should walk out right now and let her be…

But I can’t. Not when there’s something else next to the Bordeaux, something that shouldn’t be here. And it’s sitting on top of a note that begins with the words…

“I’m sorry I failed you…”

Though Liz studied journalism in college, she discovered that she preferred writing romantic fiction over news and ad copy. She lives in Southern California with her family where she spends her days writing, chasing after her 6-year old, and stepping over Legos.

Author Links:

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“Come here,” Dax murmurs, reaching for my hand and pulling me down to the bed next to him. His gaze travels down my body, and in a moment of uncertainty, I vainly cover myself with my arms.

“Harlow, we don’t have to go through with it if you’re not comfortable.”

“But I am comfortable,” I say almost angrily, removing my hands from my breasts before Dax kisses me again. And for the next few minutes, that’s all he does—kissing me tenderly and calming the inner turmoil until it simmers down, replaced with the need to have him make love to me. Then he sits up and reaches for his jeans, pulling out a condom packet from his wallet.

The sight of a condom makes me blush even more, only because it’s been a long time since I’ve needed to use one. Jeff and I were trying to get pregnant then, not avoid it.

“You’re gonna need a few of those,” I blurt out before I can stop myself and hide my face against his chest as he lies on his side next to me. “Oh, God, I can’t believe I just said that.”

“Don’t worry, because we will need a few of them before the day is over.” Dax pushes me down on my back as he trails long, lazy kisses down my neck and breasts and my belly. Then he positions himself between my legs, parting my thighs with his hands just as I cover myself from him.

Wait! He’s not going down on me, is he?

“Dax, wait…”

He looks up, his gaze questioning. But how can he understand what I cannot say? No one has ever kissed me down there. No one.

“Tell me you don’t want me to, Harlow, and I won’t.”

“It’s just that… no one’s ever… and I mean, no one…” I can’t continue. It sounds so sad. Pathetic. It’s like some undiscovered country, and in many ways it is. Even I haven’t discovered it yet.

Dax’s brow furrows as he moves back up, so we’re level on the bed again. Great. Guess I just killed the mood. “What do you mean, no one?”

I cover my face in my hands, but Dax pulls one hand away. I open one eye and see him studying my face. “This is so embarrassing, Dax. But if you want to do it—”

“This isn’t all about me or what I want, Harlow. It’s about you and what you want. Would you want me to?”

His words surprise me. Not the question, but the other one, the one about this being about me and what I want. Sure, sex with Jeff had started out fun at first, but it almost felt like two nerds going at it, and before long, it became a duty because we wanted to have a baby so bad. And when IVF came along, it was almost non-existent. It didn’t help that he wasn’t exactly big, something I would never be caught dead mentioning to anyone, not even him. Instead, I told myself for years that it was the motion of the ocean that mattered, not the size of the ship.

“Would you want me to, Harlow?” Dax asks again.



Chosen of Azara ~ Blog Tour


Title: Chosen of Azara

Author: Kyra Halland

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours



Juzeva, a princess of Savaru, vowed to the service of the magical Source Azara, sacrifices everything to try to stop a war, only to be caught in a web of evil and deceit.

Sevry, the last king of the war-ravaged land of Savaru, is tasked by Source Azara with finding the secret that disappeared with Juzeva, the secret that can heal Savaru and its Sources.

Lucie, a sheltered young noblewoman, is unaware of her true heritage and the power she bears, until a stranger claiming to be the legendary king of a long-dead land takes refuge in her father’s house.

Torn between her familiar world and the truths her heart can’t deny, Lucie must find the courage to join Sevry on his quest to restore Savaru and its magical Sources to life, a quest that will sweep her away to adventure, danger, and a love that could change her life – and the lost land of Savaru – forever.

Epic romantic fantasy for adults and older teens.




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 Author Bio:


Kyra Halland has always loved fantasy. She has also always loved a good love story. Years ago, as a new stay-at-home mom, she decided to combine those two loves – like chocolate and peanut butter! – by writing the kinds of romantic fantasy novels she wanted to read.

Complicated, honorable heroes; strong, smart, feminine heroines; magic, romance, and adventure; deep emotion mixed with a dash of offbeat humor – all of these make up Kyra Halland’s worlds. She loves sharing those worlds with readers and hopes they will enjoy her stories and characters as much as she does.

Kyra Halland lives in southern Arizona. She has a very patient husband, two less-patient cats, two young adult sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and two adorable granddaughters. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking and anime, and she wants to be a crazy cat lady when she grows up.



Fame & Obsession Release Day Blitz with Cora Kenborn

Title: Fame & Obsession
Author: Cora Kenborn
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Design
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Editor: Gillian Leonard of Lilypad Editing
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Struggling writer Phoebe Ryan abandons her southern roots and heads to New York, determined to leave her nightmarish past behind…

She was not expecting to meet a famous rock star, or to be coerced into ghostwriting his autobiography. But she tries to maintain focus on her dream of becoming an author, despite the attraction she feels for the sexy rocker, not to mention the baggage that comes with him.

Julian Bale’s world was shattered one drunken night, and it almost ruined him…

Weighed down by guilt, he blames himself for an accident he could’ve prevented. He will play the game, but swears his hot little ghostwriter will never get that story out of him. As much as he wants her, if he has to choose between his dream and hers, it’s no contest.

Phoebe and Julian give in to a forbidden attraction, and their public romance risks both their lives…

An obsessive fan is on the loose and now that the secret’s out, it’s made them both targets. The psychotic stalker is determined to have Julian for herself, even if she has to reveal their sordid pasts and eliminate Phoebe to do it.

He lives for fame. She lives to hide. Obsession lives to ruin them both.
Release Party:
Cora Kenborn writes romantic suspense novels with strong heroines, complex alphas, harrowing danger, and snappy banter. She is the author of the rock star stalker series, Lords of Lyre but refuses to be pigeon holed into one specific genre. She loves delving into the twisted mind of a dark villain as well as giggling while writing rom-com banter.
Cora lives in Eastern North Carolina and is a true Southern girl, growing up on sweet tea, front porches, and the simple life. She says “y’all,” “fixin’ to,” and should you deserve it, will “bless your heart.” She’s the proud mother three hyperactive and occasionally adorable children, and the wife of a husband who tolerates her chaotic writer’s cave.
Although reading is her passion, she can usually be found watching true crime shows and crafting inspiration for twisted new tales. Cora admits to being a horrible cook, an even worse baker, and believes she’s more dangerous with a hot glue gun than any weapon on earth. Oh, and she and autocorrect are mortal enemies.
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The coiled body behind me tensed, ready to detonate. Whoever defended me could hold his own, but I could still take everybody out with one flick of the wrist. Chivalry felt warm and fuzzy but I learned a long time ago that one hundred and fifty volts felt electric and twitchy.
Turning my chin to the side, I whispered on an exhale, “It’s fine, I’ve got this.”
A low laugh against my neck curled my toes.
“You so don’t got this.” His chest rumbled as a strong hand ran skilled fingers around my hair. I tilted my chin, watching his eyes harden. “You’re up my ass, shit-for-brains. Don’t ever touch what’s mine.” He shifted his lips against my ear. “Right, baby?”
One suitor tested my patience, but two pushed my limit. I opened my mouth to tell him off when he stole the moment and pressed his lips against mine. Resisting, I murmured veiled threats as he pulled me toward him. The impromptu kiss dissolved into failed waves of aggression, and I inexplicably responded to him. Before I knew it, I’d wrapped my arms around his neck.
After a few heartbeats of kissing a complete stranger, I finally regained what dignity I had left, shoved his chest, and faced him with fire blazing in my eyes. He snickered and waved as my aggressor stalked off. Shooting him a death glare, I reached for my drink. After scanning for witnesses, I brought it to my lips and drained it.
“Thirsty?” He smirked.
“What the hell was that?”
He snatched the drink out of my hands, giving me a wink before tipping it back for the last drop. “You weren’t exactly pushing me away. Besides, I just saved your ass. Heath Vaughn was inches from having a hand up that thing you call a dress.”
“I didn’t ask for your help!” I bit back. “I don’t even know who the hell you—wait, who?”
“Somebody had to step in or you’d have spent the night in jail with that concealed, illegal shit in your purse. You’re telling me you didn’t know that was Vaughn? Maybe because we haven’t time-warped back to his 1995 five minutes of fame.” He walked past me with a smirk plastered across his face.
 Struggling to catch up with him, I grabbed his shoulder in disbelief. “That’s a joke, right?”
“Afraid not. Vaughn in the flesh, and apparently in the sauce too. Why do you care so much what he thinks?” He eyed me curiously, his jade-green eyes knocking me breathless.
Finally allowing myself a full look at him, I quickly averted my eyes before he could see my racing pulse reflected in them. Chaotic chocolate spiked hair pointed in every direction and hinted at a carefully constructed morning-after look. A small silver earring caught flashes of light in the darkness and tattoos decorated each uncovered arm.
Remembering to breathe became a chore.
“Because I’m screwed!” I shouted, frantically waving my phone. “My boss is already pissed at me, and I was supposed to meet Vaughn here for an interview, and—why am I telling you this?”
“Calm down.” He grinned, revealing a deep dimple in his left cheek. “Look, the dude’s so far tanked he won’t remember he was here, much less you were. Give me your phone.”
“I’m not giving you my phone. I don’t even know you.”
Rolling his eyes, he snatched my phone out of my hands. “Didn’t stop you from making out with me, did it?” He scanned the email I’d been checking all night. Typing furiously, his lips curved upward and he handed it back. “All fixed.”
“What did you do?” Thankfully, previous defense training taught me to never label emails with personal information. In the darkness, he’d never scroll back far enough to know my name.
“Why must you question brilliance?” he countered with a sigh. “You sent him an email concerned for his safety since he never showed for your interview. You waited but had to leave because you actually work for a living. You’d love to reschedule since you’re such a huge fan and were disappointed at the missed opportunity to hear all about his crap-ass reality show, since I assume that’s all he would’ve wanted to talk about.”
I could’ve kissed him—if I hadn’t already.
“You’re an evil genius.”
“So I’ve been told.”

When I Found You Blog Tour with Jennifer Domenico

Title: When I Found You
Author: Jennifer Domenico
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Wicked by Design
Photographer: Sara Eirew
Editor: Mad Hatter Press
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb:When I found you
It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen. I was slowly getting over losing the one woman that ever meant anything to me, unsure if that one special person was out there. And then… I heard the sweetest voice and looked up into the most captivating eyes I’d ever seen. She said her name was Chanel, and in that moment, all I wanted was for her to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found her.
It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything interesting to happen. I had given up on love and the hope that there was one special person just for me. And then… I saw him. Rhys Camden, the man I had crushed on for years. I summoned every ounce of confidence and said hi. When he looked at me with the warmest eyes I’d ever seen, I just wanted to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found him.
This is a companion novel to If I Told You. It can be read as a standalone, but the author recommends reading If I Told You for the full backstory and character arc of Rhys Camden.
One day, many months ago, Jennifer Domenico went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams.
When she awoke, she felt compelled to write it down. So she did. The result was her first novel, Turn Towards the Sun and a writing career was born.
Ms. Domenico lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and a wicked sweet tooth.
Author Links:
Instagram: jendomenicowords
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When I Found You Release Day Blitz with Jennifer Domenico

Title: When I Found You
Author: Jennifer Domenico
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Wicked by Design
Photographer: Sere Eirew
Editor: Mad Hatter Press
When I found you
It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything unusual to happen. I was slowly getting over losing the one woman that ever meant anything to me, unsure if that one special person was out there. And then… I heard the sweetest voice and looked up into the most captivating eyes I’d ever seen. She said her name was Chanel, and in that moment, all I wanted was for her to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found her.
It was just a regular day. I wasn’t expecting anything interesting to happen. I had given up on love and the hope that there was one special person just for me. And then… I saw him. Rhys Camden, the man I had crushed on for years. I summoned every ounce of confidence and said hi. When he looked at me with the warmest eyes I’d ever seen, I just wanted to stay. Turns out, that day wasn’t regular at all. That was the day I found him.
This is a companion novel to If I Told You. It can be read as a standalone, but the author recommends reading If I Told You for the full backstory and character arc of Rhys Camden.
One day, many months ago, Jennifer Domenico went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams.
When she awoke, she felt compelled to write it down. So she did. The result was her first novel, Turn Towards the Sun and a writing career was born.
Ms. Domenico lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and a wicked sweet tooth.
Author Links:
Instagram: jendomenicowords
Other books by Jennifer Domenico:
The Sunflower Trilogy –
~Book One: Turn Towards the Sun –
~Book Two: After the Rain –
~Book Three: Forever in Bloom –
Have my Heart- A Novella –
Beautifully Twisted –
Chasing Desire –
Londyn Falls –
Break Me Down –
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Enchanted Souls Release Blitz with Tia Silverthorne Bach

Title: Enchanted Souls

Author: Tia Silverthorn Bach

Genre: NA Paranormal Romance

Expected Release Date: October 21st, 2016

Cover Designer: Jo Michaels

Photographer: K Keeton Designs

Models: Alisha Beesley and Tyler Francis

Editor: Jo Michaels of Indie Books Gone Wild

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Two Souls Tethered. An Unbreakable Bond.

A rare occurrence brings the planets into alignment, causing the seals that separate the universes to break. Lost souls search for home while two hearts that were shattered try to find their missing pieces.

When Alyxandria Duvall meets Micah, sparks fly, and their hearts burst into flames. They welcome their daughter not long after; then Micah goes missing under mysterious circumstances, leaving a path of heartache, death, and destruction in his wake. Still, Fate has more in store for them.

Galactic anomalies are propelling their lives toward their destinies. Light years separate them, but their souls gravitate toward one another. Can love overpower the universe’s boundaries?

Tia Silverthorne Bach has been married to her college sweetheart for twenty years, has three beautiful girls, and adores living in the breathtaking state of Colorado. Her daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She believes in fairy tales and happy endings and is an avid reader and rabid grammar hound.

She is an award-winning, multi-genre author and an Editor for Indie Books Gone Wild. From an early age, she escaped into books and believes they can be the source of healing and strength. If she’s not writing, you can find her on the tennis court, at the movies, reading a good book, or spooning Jif peanut butter right out of the jar.

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Garden of Her Heart Cover Reveal & Giveaway with USA Today Bestselling Author, Shanna Hatfield.


Garden of her Heart Cover.jpg

Title: The Coffee Girl

Author: Shanna Hatfield

Genre: Romance <historical, 20th century, World War II>

Editor: Eliza Dee from Clio Editing

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Can forbidden love blossom amid the constraints of war?

The moment the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, life shifted for Miko Nishimura. Desperate to reach the Portland Assembly Center for Japanese Americans, she’s kicked off the bus miles from town. Every tick of the clock pushes her closer to becoming a fugitive in the land of her birth. Exhausted, she stumbles to her grandparents’ abandoned farm only to find a dying soldier sprawled across the step. Unable to leave him, she forsakes all else to keep him alive.

After crashing his plane in the Battle of the Atlantic, the doctors condemn Captain Rock Laroux to die. Determined to meet his maker beneath a blue sky at his family home, he sneaks out of the hospital. Weary and half out of his mind, he makes it as far as a produce stand he remembers from his youth. Rather than surrender to death, Rock fights a battle of the heart as he falls in love with the beautiful Japanese woman who saves his life.

A poignant, sweet romance, Garden of Her Heart proves love can bloom in unlikely places even under the most challenging circumstances.



 Garden of Her Heart Teaser 1.jpg

Garden of Her Heart Teaser 2.jpg


Author Bio:



USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield writes character-driven romances with relatable heroes and heroines. Her historical westerns have been described as “reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian” while her contemporary works have been called “laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way.”


Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, this hopeless romantic is out to make it happen one story at a time. When she isn’t writing or indulging in chocolate (dark and decadent, please), Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.


Shanna is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, Romance Writers of America, Sweet Romance Reads, Cowboy Kisses, and Pioneer Hearts.


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“I thought I heard you calling for me,” Miko said, climbing down a ladder on the far end of the building with an arm full of berry crates.

Rock rushed to help her. By the time he threaded his way through the packed contents of the building, she was already on the floor.

“That’s quite a car,” he said, taking half the berry crates from her and motioning to the convertible.

“Thanks. I bought it when I was still gainfully employed,” she said, walking over to the car. “I fell in love with the color the first time I saw it and started saving my money to buy one. When the weather’s nice, it’s fun to drive with the top down.”

Rock gaped at her. “It’s your car?”

Miko grinned. “Is that a hint of disbelief I hear, Captain? Not only is it my car, but I know how to change the tires, check the oil, and siphon gas out of my dad’s car when my brother, Tommy, borrows it and brings it back empty.”

He laughed, setting down the crates and wiping his hands along his trousers before touching the car. “It is a beaut. What’s this color?”

“Laguna maroon. Papa calls it the luna moon mobile, but I still think it’s one of the prettiest colors out there.” Miko opened the driver’s side door and motioned for Rock to climb in.

He sank into the leather seat and inhaled the aroma as if it was the most expensive perfume.

“Like it?” Miko asked, bending down to better see his reaction to the car.

“You bet!” He settled his hands on the steering wheel, forcing his injured fingers to curl around the wheel.

“If you like the outside of the car, you’ll probably be more impressed by the eight cylinders under the hood.” Miko released the hood latch and Rock slid out to study the engine.

He whistled and smirked at Miko. “What’s a girl like you doing with a car like this?”

“Anything I want,” she said with a sassy grin. “At least it used to be that way.”

Rock sobered and closed the hood, using the hem of his T-shirt to wipe away the smudges made by his fingerprints.

“I didn’t realize you had cars here. I was trying to figure out how to catch a ride on the bus into Portland.”

“By all means, drive one of the cars wherever you need to go.” She pointed to her grandparents’ sedan. “Papa and Mother must have sold their car or it would be here, too. Granddad wouldn’t care if you take his.” She cast a taunting look his way. “Or, if you think you can handle it, you’re welcome to drive mine.”

His raised an eyebrow at her dare as he lifted the berry baskets and followed her out the door. “Is that an invitation or a challenge?”

“Maybe both.” She turned and sauntered away, casting a flirty smile at him over her shoulder.


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