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Blog Tour ~ The Guardian

Author:  J.L. Mc Fadden

Genre:  Paranormal/Romance

Tour Dates: 24th – 28th of April

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

The Guardian


John a young man from Detroit realizes he has a special bond with a vampire, which gives him special abilities and makes both of them a target; the ancients will stop at nothing to destroy him and his relationship with this unbridled female vampire. Will John’s new found abilities be enough to save her and her coven?


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Author Bio:

J.L McFadden is an American author that has an European writing style. He is an advid taveler and linguest that uses alot of his experiences in his fictional novels. He also enjoys sports and takes part in international martial communities. McFadden is a paranormal romance author that has a way of spinning tragic romance into stories that stays with his readers.

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Review of The Guardian

Star Rating: 4.5 stars



The Guardian is written in third person so it allows us to follow closely Adela, Gala and John. Three people that are tied together. It’s John who we meet first and after losing his friends and girlfriend in a horrific car accident. I just loved the description.

“Tom was midway through one they’d heard before when, coming out of a bend with the tires squawking, an old lady appeared in their path. Keith yanked the steering wheel to the right, swerving around her, then to the left in an attempt to correct, but he overcorrected, and the car began to lean too far to the side. Panic claimed Keith’s face as he steered left and right, small, jerky movements to hopefully regain the car’s traction. Everyone in the car held their breath, praying — until the car began to flip off its wheels. Everyone’s breath returned with their screams — Kathy’s more bloodcurdling than anyone else’s. Hands braced against the roof as the driver’s side front wing crunched against the ground. As the roof followed, it slammed into the road beneath it and bounced back up then down — a constant metal-grinding bobbing as the car scraped across the pavement with too much speed. A pothole ended the erratic skidding by flipping the car back up into the air. The passenger side roof smacked the ground next, sending the car into a roll until it slammed into the side of the building, where it bounced back off and came to a standstill a few feet away from the wall. Smashed glass glittered the car’s interior. The exterior resembled a crumpled up beer can that had been ejected onto the city streets. All four passengers hung from their seat belts. Keith and Tom appeared to be out cold. Kathy’s screams still pierced the night as she kicked and thrashed around in her suspended prison of a seatbelt.”


After the car accident John struggles with their loss and dreams of a woman pulling him from the wreckage, it doesn’t take long for us to meet Gala and Adela who are vampires and Gala is the one who saved him as John is Gala’s Guardian we find this out very early in the book and he is drawn to her immediately. John being a guardian comes with more perks, he gets enhanced speed and strength.

The vampires aren’t written in the traditional way, but come across quite young Gala is very like a teenager, and even Adela who is a much older vampire, doesn’t seem so old in her attitude or the way she speaks. There are times we see her power in her talks with her coven. Her public speaking is powerful and you can see the ruler in her, but when she is alone in private with only one or two people she seems really young. Her flirtatious attitude surprised me at times especially with John.


The men in this story where far more interesting. Like Vatiliy who was a vampire, he acted and sounded like what you would expect a vampire to behave like. John was also a great man character and his Character development was written very well. When he is being trained by the wolves and Adela the fighting scenes are awesome and so well written.

The treats in the story seem to come from every angle, not just the ancients or people betraying them in their own coven, but between Adela, Gala and John. If you love a vampire love triangle, with lots of fight scenes. You will love The Guardian and to continue the journey check out Choices. You can read my review for choices here:


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Release Day Blitz @ War and Pieces

Title: War & Pieces
Author: Jo Michaels, Tia Silverthorne Bach, Kelly Risser, N.L. Greene
Genre: Short Story Fairy Tales
Cover Designer: Jo Michaels
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were zombies…
That’s how it all started. Authors have created a major problem with stories like Cinder, The Dark Queen, and Asleep, and it’s wreaking havoc here in Ever After. Our queens are fighting for their lives.
Rather like Mother Nature, keeper of the fine balance that’s life in your world, tales that begin with “Once upon a time” were never meant to be messed with.
Now, Ariel is underwater with all the defenses she’s been launching, Aurora hasn’t slept in weeks, and Rapunzel is tangled in… Well, I can’t even begin to tell you.
Rather than try, I’ll let you see for yourself. You and I will talk again afterward—if I survive long enough. So, as our fateful story begins:
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…
Five authors came together on a mission to bring the world something new and exciting rather than the same tired anthologies or collections so common to the book world.
Their debut novel, Fractured Glass: A Novel Anthology, hit the world by surprise, taking several awards, and blowing readers away with its seamless integration from one author to the next.
When the five came together a second time, 7: The Seven Deadly Sins was created, and it, too, blew readers away with its unique approach to storytelling.
Who are these writers?
Jo Michaels, N. L. Greene, Tia Silverthorne Bach, Kelly Risser, and Casey L. Bond.
New projects by the F5 will be published yearly, and following this author page here on Amazon is the best way to stay updated. Be sure and check out the book trailers on this page, and see which events around the world the ladies will appear at so you can get those books signed.
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Cover Revamp Reveal ~ Finding Sarah Miller

Title: Finding Sarah Miller
Author: C.L. McGrath
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Editor: Jean Hall
Cover Designer: KA Ware at Bite Me Graphic Design
“Finding Sarah Miller is a journey of second chances.”
Sarah, a divorced mom with two boys, makes the ultimate sacrifice and moves halfway across the world to keep her children close to their dad and his new wife.
Once settled into their new life, Sarah yearns for something more and heads off on a road trip of self-discovery.
She finds Marcus, a sexy mysterious MMA fighter, lost and on his own journey.
Finding Sarah Miller is a passionate sexy love affair between two people, who’s lives couldn’t be more different.
Will Sarah finally find the love she so desires? Or will their obstacles prove to great and leave Sarah heartbroken once more?           
Approaching 40, I decided to cross one huge achievement off my bucket list…To write a book.
As a young girl, I had always loved to read. Preferring stories with strong female characters, I loved the feeling of being part of their story. Almost like I had been witness to the very events that unfolded on the pages before me. I felt as though these great women were my friends.
I knew that if I did in fact ever write a book of my own, I would only want strong positive women on my pages. I held that dream very close to me, never telling anyone.
Years later, a friend recommended a book to me… I didn’t love it. She made an innocent comment, “Well you couldn’t do any better.” It lit a fire deep inside me. That young girl who dreamt of writing wasn’t dead. She was alive and well, but had been busy working, having children and being a wife.
Those words, while weighed heavily upon me, also freed me at the same time. It was the kick up the butt I needed. “Why couldn’t I do any better?” I could and I knew it.
So, I sat down and began to write. The words flowed so easily. Before I knew it, my book had taken shape.
The beauty was I was able to use the old, “If the book you want to read isn’t written…write it,” theory.
I incorporated a love of strong women and one of my favourite sports…Mixed Martial Arts.
I hope that people who read my book not only love it…and I know you will…but I hope it reminds you that all those little dreams you have, you can achieve them. You can do anything you want. Re-light the fire inside you…and if you can’t…get a friend to accidently do it for you.
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Cover Reveal ~ Keeper of Souls ~ Casey Bond

Title: Keeper of Souls
Author: Casey Bond
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography
Editor: Stacy Sanford, The Girl with the Red Pen
Expected Release Date: May 19th, 2017
Carmen Kennedy finally feels normal. Enrolled in college, she’s making a few friends and taking life one day at a time. Her days are filled with classes, studying, and attempting to be more social, while her nights are filled with terrifying dreams. All of her nightmares have one thing in common: him. She can’t see his face, but a flash of dark feathers is all it takes to remind her of The Keeper of Crows. He isn’t supposed to be real.
There is a world that exists beneath the fabric of our own, a torturous place filled with despair. The Keeper is there; Carmen just has to find out why and if there is a way to help him leave that place. Her sanity and life will be threatened, but she can’t ignore his screams any longer.
When love exists, it doesn’t matter the distance. It finds a way to remind you.
Will love be enough to save Michael and Carmen when The Keeper of Souls stands in their way?
Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links:

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Blog Tour ~ Grimm Remains ~ Excerpt

Grimm remains.jpg

Blog Tour ~ Grimm Remains
Author: Eli Celata
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Dates: 11th – 21st of April
Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours


Sometimes the fairy tale’s end is just the Grimm beginning.

Mammon’s summoning turned Rochester into a beacon for the denizens of Hell. As demon activity increases, Jon settles in for a new academic year, and Jordan moves in as the city’s protector. Unfortunately, the young warlock of Rochester might not be around long if the Devil’s marine legion has a say. Havfine, demonic mermaids, don’t often leave deep lakes and ocean waters. They’re better known for drowning mortal sailors than hunting magic users, but something has sent them upstream from Lake Ontario. When three orphans vanish from a magical sanctuary in Toronto, their caretaker – the Wizard Monday – dredges up a part of Jordan’s and Jon’s father’s history that Jordan would have rather forgotten. In this race against the Bane of Hamelin, more than three souls may be on the line.


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Author Bio:


Eli Celata was born in Rochester and is currently attending Binghamton University as a doctoral student.

Author’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: @Celata_E



I drummed the coin against the table. Three fast, one slow, then repeated. My foot tapped. Jitters ran down my legs, and every few minutes, I’d hold still. Not even a breath would escape. Then I’d begin again. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the sun dip lower, inch by inch, in the sky. It trickled down like a waterfall of gold sinking below the darkening cityscape. The steady warmth of summer faded with each vanishing ray though August – in name alone – would remain for another few days.

“Come on,” I whispered.

The sky shifted. My leg stilled. Metal paused, hanging above then falling to sit against the wood. As the sun fell down below the horizon, the Void Hours came in spades. Evening turned to night inside the bookshop, but I still pressed into the rising tension. A figure shifted down the street, but I kept my eyes straight ahead. The street lights buzzed and flickered on. Lemniscates shimmered over the window panes. From one side of the glass to the next, the sideways figure eights connected one into the next like linked chain. Inhaling, I let my eyes shut as the world hummed around me. Then the angel rang, and the door opened as if by a gust of air. The whole shop stretched out in the same breath and eased back with a sigh as the door locked. Fingers tapped the chalk remnants on the door before unhooking the ringer.


I smiled, opening my eyes. “Welcome back to the States.”






Title: Dally
Author: Shanna Hatfield
Genre: Western, Historical Romance
Expected Release Date: May 18, 2017
She’s ready to spread her wing and fly…
            He’s scrambling to set down roots.
Unconventional, Dally Douglas is as likely to be found wearing her brother’s britches and riding a horse as she is dressed in lace-trimmed finery sipping tea in the parlor. With no plans to wed, she convinces her family to allow her to stay at their ranch in Oregon. Free and unfettered, she plans to remain that way, even when the town’s beloved young doctor returns home and captures both her interest and her heart.
Charismatic, handsome, and dedicated to his work, Doctor Nik Nash finally makes his way back to Pendleton. After years of dedication to his studies, Nik is excited to bring his skills and knowledge to the place he calls home. Focused on his career, he has no time for a woman, especially not one as lively, fascinating, and enchanting as Dally Douglas.
When a freak accident brings the two of them together, their stubborn determination may cost them the chance to know true love.
Bursting with sweet romance, this tender yet lighthearted story draws readers into a world of rustic elegant charm..
USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield writes character-driven romances with relatable heroes and heroines. Her historical westerns have been described as “reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian” while her contemporary works have been called “laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way.”
Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, this hopeless romantic is out to make it happen one story at a time. When she isn’t writing or indulging in chocolate (dark and decadent, please), Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.
Shanna is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, Romance Writers of America, Sweet Romance Reads, Cowboy Kisses, and Pioneer Hearts.
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“Need a ride?” A man’s voice held a hint of mirth in its rich timbre, as though he held back a laugh.
“I’m fine,” Dally said, trying to deepen her voice enough to pass for a boy.
“I don’t believe you are fine, Miss Douglas. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say you got tossed off your horse. Doomsday must be about to arrive because I’m pretty sure the end of the world would have to be imminent for that to happen.”
Her head snapped around and she glared at Nik Nash as he sat on his motorcycle, pushing it along with his feet as he remained beside her. She opened her mouth to speak but found no words forthcoming.
How in the world did he know who she was in her boyish clothes? And how could he possibly have deduced she’d been bested by the world’s most cantankerous horse?
Nik lifted an eyebrow and grinned at her. “Please, Miss Douglas. Allow me the great pleasure and honor of giving you a ride back to the B Bar D.”
“I’ll walk,” she said, stubbornly lifting her chin and hastening her step.
Nik shrugged. “Suit yourself.”

Release ~ Birdy & Fishy ~ Author Lily & Sima Amis


Birdy & Fishy Book Blurb

“Birdy & Fishy” is a lovely and deep story, about the great power of hope. It is about, believing in miracles and the strength of friendship and loyalty. Despite different lifestyles, it is the desire for freedom that unites us. We should never give up on our dreams and desires. We should always trust in destiny because the higher power of the Universe will make the impossible, possible, sooner or later. But, remember, everything has its own time and there is a key to every lock because the creator never gives problems without a solution. Therefore, there’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, because they shine when it is their time and SO WILL YOU!

Birdy & Fishy is inspired by

This short story is inspired by the two first memoirs of Lily’s Trilogy, Destination: Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1502852243, ASIN: B013YS2MWI) and Definition of Freedom (ISBN-13: 978-1515144588, ASIN: B01HK25TBU). Both book titles are also available in German and as ONE BOOK The Lily Amis Story.


The Lily Amis Story


ISBN-10: 1534780947

ISBN-13: 978-1534780941

ASIN: B01M9G47G2

The symbolic meaning behind “Birdy & Fishy”

This deeply meaningful short, age- and timeless story inspired by the two memoirs Destination: Freedom and Definition of Freedom is a reflection of Lily’s Life in a foreign country.


Fishy’s desperate desire for freedom, a circle of loving friends and a caring family, the feeling of belonging somewhere and of being accepted and integrated, is what many refugees/immigrants feel and struggle with. Some struggle, just for a while, but others for their entire lives. But, as they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this story, with a happy ending, is a good lesson, to never give up on hope, faith, dreams, goals, wishes, and desires, despite the challenging obstacles, of destiny and our selfish, elbow-society!



Birdy & Fishy links


EBook on Smashwords

ISBN: 9781370442966

EBook on Amazon


ASIN: B06Y2F962F

Print Book on Amazon: Soon available!

ISBN-13: 978-1545113318

ISBN-10: 1545113319


Birdy & Fishy Book Collection–fishy-collection

About Publisher, Author, Illustrator & Blogger Lily Amis


Nominated Multi-Genre Author, Blogger and Artist Lily Amis is the Author of “Destination: Freedom” and eleven more books. With her honest memoir she has enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest during the refugee crises in summer 2015. Placements included two features with British newspaper the Daily Mirror as well as interviews with popular UK’s lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine.

Lily Amis had to fight against injustice, prejudice, discrimination and social isolation for almost three decades to become who she is today. An Independent Author living in Switzerland with the goal to entertain and educate readers about important and eye-opening topics in our society with her books and blogger magazine “Read My Mind”.

Her free online magazine is an entertain & educate project by Lily’s Publishing company nasSima design. With passionate and talented Authors and bloggers from all over the world she is inspiring aspiring Authors and readers as well as Indie Artists from all kind of genres such as music, movie and art. The first issue was published on April 4th 2017 and the RMM team is working on the summer issue now.

Lily Amis Socialmedia & Blogger magazine

Website: www.


Lily Amis Book Collections:

RMM Magazine:

Lily Amis Amazon Authorpage:

Lily Amis Smashwords Authorpage:

Twitter: @nasSimadesign  and @ReadMyMinMag

Pinterest: @nassimadesign

Facebook: @LilyAmisAuthor, @LilyAmisMemoir, @LilyAmisShortStories, @ReadMyMindMagazine

Blog Tour ~ The Thieves of Nottica

The Thieves of Nottica.jpg

Blog Tour ~ The Thieves of Nottica
Author: Ash Gray
Genre: Science Fiction/Steampunk
Tour Dates: 3rd – 7th of April
Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours


In a world where humans are evil, invading aliens, Rigg is the youngest member of the Keymasters, a band of professional thieves who use their skills to defy an overbearing government known as the Hand. It is a world full of pollution, intrusive surveillance cameras, and injustice, where any who “give the finger to the Hand” are punished with death. The Keymasters are hired to steal a highly sought after treasure, but when one of their number is lost during the job, they find themselves the tools in a power play for said treasure — a mysterious lockbox that no one can open. To ultimately survive in the end, the Keymasters must battle their way through mechanical monsters, airships, and politics, literally going through shit (they travel through a sewage pipe) to make it out alive.


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Authors Bio:
Ash Gray is a dragon with minuscule spectacles perched on her nose, living in a wonderfully dank, musty cave far away in an alternate universe. She types her stories with gigantic claws on a ridiculously small typewriter before sending them through a membrane and into your dimension for your enjoyment.

I am the scariest thing you’ll find in the dark, forsaken places, with breath of fire and claws that shred. “Dragon!” they scream as I rip them red.
Visit them at:





When Rose awoke, she could hear voices speaking quietly, and the room was so vast and so empty, they echoed off the walls in a whispered refrain. She went very still, too afraid to open her eyes, listening with building dread to the whispers that surrounded her. She could feel that she was lying on a metal table, for its cold stung the back of her arms and her legs, which seemed to be bare in that chill room. She tried moving her hand, and when it did not respond, her brain flew into a panic and tears filled her eyes. She was unhappy to realize that she could open them if she wanted and squeezed them shut tight, too afraid of what she might see. Her heart thundered in her chest as she tried to imagine where she was, if she had been kidnapped . . . if Oliver was dead.

The voices fell silent, and somehow, without even looking, Rose knew they were waiting for her to open her eyes. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to wake up in her hotel room again, with Oliver beside her in bed, laughing and stuffing his face with popcorn as he watched tv.

“Rose,” said a man’s voice, buzzing as if from a speaker. “Open your eyes. It’s alright. You are safe.”

Rose swallowed hard. Somehow, she knew that voice, but she couldn’t recall where she’d heard it before. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and her heart shrank to see the man standing over her. He was wearing a tropical shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, and her lips parted in surprise when she recognized him as the young man from the bar, only now his eyes were solid black instead of warm brown. His golden brown skin appeared dusky in the dim light, and matted blonde locks fell twisted into his eyes, which reflected the overhead light like black water.

The room was very dimly lit, but straining to look past the bartender, Rose could see the curving walls were lined with pod after pod. The translucent brown sacks all contained black-eyed fetuses that were curled and gurgling softly, a strange warbling sound that rose like a background buzz in the vast chamber.

As she glanced around, Rose realized her table was in the very center of the room. On a table beside her, the corpse of a dead woman was stretched, and Rose went still, staring at that body in silent dismay. The woman was beautiful, with smooth brown skin and pale blonde hair, high cheekbones and full lips. She was wearing what looked like a white hospital gown, and glancing down, Rose realized she was wearing the same garb.

The dead woman’s eyes were barely open, solid black orbs that stared in frowning agonies she could feel no more. The front of her hospital gown was bloody and her legs were up in stirrups, as if she had died in childbirth.

Rose’s eyes turned back to the bartender in fright and confusion. She tried to speak but her throat flexed, her lips moved, and nothing came out. Her lashes fluttered and she tried again. Tears started to her eyes when she realized she could only make the barest moan.

“You can not speak,” the bartender gently told Rose, his voice buzzing still, as if he were speaking through a dying microphone. “Which is just as well. There is no need for you to. You need merely listen. It is paramount that you do so.” He paused, as if to make certain Rose was indeed listening.

Rose glared at him. She didn’t care what he had to say or what was important him. He had drugged her and kidnapped her and had probably murdered her husband to boot! She could still feel the drowsing effects of the drug and glanced around in a listless daze as she raged against her own helplessness. It seemed to her as if the world was spinning the harder she tried to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth and her chest heaved in vain. Whatever drug they had given her, it had stolen her voice.

“You have been selected,” said the bartender, “to carry one in the fifteen thousand eggs of her royal highness, Empress Nashal, of our beloved planet Qorlec.” His black eyes went to the dead woman on the adjoining table and they filled with affection.

Rose watched, heart thudding fear, as people with surgical masks came forward. Like the bartender and the dead woman, their eyes were solid black and their skin was brown and their hair blonde. There were two of them and they were women. One gently closed the dead woman’s eyes with fingers that were spindly and long, while the other shook her head in silent sorrow, gently taking each of the woman’s legs down from the stirrups.

“Our empress passed away as we smuggled her from the homeworld,” said the bartender regretfully and his eyes saddened as he gestured at the surrounding pods on the walls. “But she managed to lay every last one of her eggs. She did so prematurely, knowing she would die but that it was best for the survival of the empire.”

Rose glared at the bartender, wondering why she should care.

“Each one of the fifteen thousand princesses needs a womb and a place to hide on your planet, until the rebel forces have regained control of Qorlec. Because you are one in ten thousand humans who are biologically compatible with our people, because you are healthy, intelligent, and – by estimation of our brain scanners – kind and compassionate, we have chosen you to carry one of our royal eggs. When the time is right, we will return to Earth for the girl.”

How do they even know it would be a girl? Rose wondered in listless misery.

The bartender’s lips curled in a slight smile, as if he were listening to her thoughts. “Ninety percent of the eggs that hatch to our women are female. Men on our planet are something of an anomaly. The queen’s sister would have been a perfect replacement in the event of her death, but she has disappeared.” He blinked regretfully. “We believe the regime has taken her.”

There was a bang in the distance, and the room rocked. The lamp above Rose wobbled, gliding its spotlight through the dark in a white circle and swinging dangerously before the bartender caught it deftly in one long-fingered hand. He looked with alarm beyond the edge of the light’s sphere, and following his gaze, Rose could see people in white coats staggering amidst sliding furniture as the room swayed. They screamed and shouted in a language Rose could not understand, scrambling to gather falling trays and instruments.

The sound of a clicking voice buzzed something frantic over an intercom, and several people ran in and out of the room. Lights on the walls blinked in duress, and the fetuses stopped their soft gurgling to shriek in horror. There was another bang and a crash, and someone screamed in pain as somewhere far away, glass shattered.

“My god,” muttered the bartender, his voice buzzing still. “They’ve found us. It’s begun.” He braced himself against Rose’s table and looked down at her apologetically. “If the regime captures us, there will be no hope of saving the royal children. You may be the only one we manage to impregnate – Gralik! Hurry! We’ve little time now!”

Rose saw three women come running to her table. As the bartender stepped back into the shadows, they surrounded her, peering down at her from behind their white surgical masks. Two were dressed in white scrubs, while the third was wearing a long white lab coat.

As the nurses prepared instruments and scrambled to ready the procedure, the woman in the lab coat caught the swinging overhead light and twisted it into the proper position. Rose winced as the light was flashed hot in her eyes and beads of sweat broke out on her skin. One of the nurses opened the front of her gown, revealing her bare belly in the harsh pool of light.

Watching as the masked nurses lifted gleaming-sharp instruments, Rose wanted to scream, but her mouth moved in silence. She hated how the woman in the lab coat watched her with pitying black eyes.

I am the doctor, said the woman’s voice, reaching abruptly into Rose’s mind. She pushed a button on the overhead panel, and Rose watched in silent horror as a whirling drill peeled out of the darkness.

As the whizzing contraption came slowly toward Rose’s vulnerable belly, the room rocked and the walls banged, smoke rose and people screamed, and miraculously, Rose remained fixed to the table, never sliding, only moving slightly with every violent quake.

The doctor alone seemed unmovable. She watched with quiet intensity as the drill drew within inches of Rose’s bare belly, a still pillar in the swaying room, even as her nurses cringed in fear of the shots that rocketed into the walls. When yet another blow hit its target, the room tilted violently, and Rose heard the bartender hiss from the shadows for the doctor to hurry. The doctor, with panicking eyes, reached up and hit another button, and Rose was horrified to see the drill coming down faster.

Helplessly watching those menacing razors, Rose felt certain it was all some hellish nightmare, that she would wake and the drill would never have touched her. She was wrong. The whirling drill plunged slowly through the flesh of her trembling belly in a sudden cream of bright red blood, and she screamed and screamed, the sound tearing at last from her throat like the ragged wail of a dying woman.