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I would have to say my favorite right now is the Dryad. I mean, I’ve always enjoyed the dragon, but the dryad is one with trees. And they’re incredibly beautiful. I don’t
just mean their faces
 and bodies are gorgeous, but their souls are, too, I would think. 




And they don’t get a lot of attention, you know? Because they’re not one of the tougher mythological creatures. They’re kind of the underdog and I love rooting for them. LOL! 









Leslie Whiskey is the invisible glue that holds her coven together. Her amazing kitchen witch grandmother. Her two hell-crazy, hormonal, going-to-tear-this-house-down children. Her amazing mundane husband who puts up with all the craziness.




And her homicide detective, demon summoning sister and her seems-to-be-normal-so-far daughter. So, when their angel whispering mother strolls into town with eyes on destroying their lives, Leslie knows she’s the one who has to take the stand.



Everyone else might be fooled by Rachel Whiskey. But not Leslie.





She was there. She remembers.





And she’ll never forget.




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