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Eden Forest City of Secrets (Saskia Trilogy #2)

Review of Seekers of the stone

Review of Seekers of the stone (6th review for March) 

I am rating this book 5 stars

Where to begin, this story is fantasy/Sci-fi and the tale is woven through facts and fiction, an elaborate tale of the end of the world as we know it, only to be stopped by information that was laid out and hidden from people of the past.


The story is mainly told through the eyes of Saira a young seeker who can revisit past lives and shape shift. Seekers are few on earth and their existence are kept secret. Saira is living in a world where the weather rages uncontrollably destroying much of the earth, it’s set in Alaska 2252, she has been given the impossible mission of seeking knowledge about the Mayan calendar that held the truth about past, present and future events that would occur.


In other to save the world she must find the calendar and decipher the code to save the earth. But as always it’s a puzzle of putting past with present unearthing secret scrolls, finding stones that can take you anywhere in the past, hidden caves and unearthing buried treasure.

It’s woven beautifully and makes you think, could these facts possibly be true is there so much more to our existence. It’s an amazing story that I know will linger with for a long time, and one of those books that I will read again. The story is jammed packed with information yet easy to follow and fast paced. There is a love story throughout the book, and a story of family and friendship.


I would highly recommend this, hence why I gave it five stars. If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be that it’s a masterpiece.


Well done A.K. Hawing, what a wonderful story.Image


Review of Elixir Bound

Elixir Bound (4th Review for March)

Review of Fantasy/Paranormal Books

The opening scene of Katora on the Case Farm is so well written, I could see it so clearly. Katora is driven and hardworking and next in line to take over the family farm that is well known for their essence drink. But on a wintry night a stranger arrives looking for elixir to save his only grandson. At that moment Katora is thrown into a world wind of secrets and responsibility. Not only is she next in line to take over the farm. She is also next in line to become protector of the Elixir.

With the Elixir running out Katora must take her first journey into Faway Forest, Kylene, Bhar, and Hirsten accompany Katora as well as Palafair a small demick creature who is part of the family. 
This is where the story begins. Well faway forest is definitely full of creatures and the unknown it doesn’t take long before trouble finds Katora and her companions, it seems she is not the only one looking for the ingredients of the Elixir.

There is a love story between Katora and Hirsten that grows throughout the story. The story is fast paced with action and adventure it never slows and we get to meet a witch, demick creatures, and so much more. 

I would recommend this book as a good read.


Another amazing review for Eden Forset

The 18th book I read this year was ‘Eden Forest’ by Aoife Sheridan.  I’m not usually into fantasy set on worlds with Kingdoms but there are a few exceptions and this is definitely one of them.  Sheridan’s story just pulled me right in –


Amazon review, filed under ‘Gripping Fantasy Adventure’ –

I received a copy of this book for honest review.‘Eden Forest’ is a fantasy tale set on the parallel world of Saskia, a repressive kingdom where the descendants of four banished angels live. Mortal twenty-one-year-old Sarajane is important to the survival of this kingdom and is brought to Saskia where her journey to her destiny begins. This is the first book in a trilogy.

There are some major world building skills employed to bring this parallel world to life and Sheridan has definitely mastered them, creating a believable reality that becomes more captivating with every turned page. The inhabitants of this world are born with elemental affinities and this determines some of the jobs assigned to them. They are also assigned partners for marriage, not allowed the freedom to choose. This world is in need of a catalyst for change and so Sarajane, having been brought up in the mortal world, may just be what the people of Saskia have been waiting for.

Sarajane is an instantly likeable character, caring and independently minded. She has two love interests, best friend Josh and mysterious guardian Tristan. I was a little disappointed with the choice she made there, though it was understandable enough. The relationship she forges with Alana felt really solid and believable. This is where Sarajane begins to find out some of the rules and wants to change them. I liked all the interactions with Kiar & Neve too. Sarajane’s sister Jessica wasn’t fleshed out much as a character in this book, I would’ve liked to find out a bit more about her.

This is a fairly quick moving fantasy adventure story, with a few creepy horror twists and some romance. I was gripped enough to read the entire thing in a few hours. It felt like it ended a little suddenly but knowing this is the first book in a trilogy, the ending just made me wish the next book was available already. I hope it’s not long until it’s out!