Blitz for The Faction Wars with Martina McAtee

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The Faction Wars

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Four factions.

Four deserving charities.

Tons of ways to earn points.

Points you will earn for your faction and for yourself.

Points you can redeem for swag and other cool prizes.

And one person who will walk away with a grand prize which will include:


  • 15 signed paperbacks
  • Book swag
  • $100 Book Depository Gift Card
  • A ‘walk-on’ role in Book 4 of my Dead Things Series representing your faction.


Each Factions Charity:

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Reapers: Dog and Cats Forever

Shifters: The Wolf Conservation Center

Fae: The Rainforest Alliance

Witches: Safe Child Africa


Getting Sorted into Your Factions

Step 1: Follow this link:


Step 2: Click the button that says Find Your Faction

Step 3: Take the Quiz or click on your Faction’s Badge

Step 4: Read about your faction and scroll to the bottom and click Join your faction.

Step 5: Join The Faction Wars Event Page Here for Updates


Click Here to join today!


Book Blitz ~ One Crazy Night

One Crazy Night by Sara Furlong Burr, Teshelle Combs, Emma Faragher, R. Holland, Louise Nicks, Aoife Marie Sheridan, M. H. Soars, Sharon Stevenson
Publication date: March 10th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Dystopian, Fantasy
Format: ebook
Nightshade Reads presents their debut fantasy anthology, featuring eight of the genre’s freshest up-and-coming independent authors. Get ready for One Crazy Night, packed full of magical encounters, dark secrets and shocking revelations.

Get a glimpse into a powerful queen’s dark and brutal backstory in Aoife Marie Sheridan’s Bellona.

In Louise Nick’s Love Magic, a homemade love spell goes disastrously wrong for two amateur teen witches.

A young woman is captured by beautiful, dangerous creatures in M.H. Soars Elements.

A teenage boy falls in love, but things quickly become complicated in R. Holland’s Lady in Black.

Sara Furlong Burr brings a broken man’s troubles to light as he is offered a solution by a mysterious stranger in The Recruit.

Emma Faragher spins a dark origin tale of sisterhood and magic inNecromancer Lineage.

The kindness of a stranger takes a homeless young man by surprise in The Keymaker by Teshelle Combs.

Sharon Stevenson’s Reanimator brings death and magic together to change the fate of one young man’s life.

All proceeds from this Anthology’s sale will go to The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research Organisation.

Purchase links:
About Nightshade Reads:
Nightshade Reads is a group of YA and NA authors who love to spin Paranormal and Fantasy stories. The group is composed by Sara Furlong BurrTeshelle Combs,Emma FaragherR. HollandLouise NicksAoife Marie SheridanM. H. Soars, and Sharon Stevenson.
Connect with the Nightshade Reads authors:
Elements quote 1
The Recruit quote 1
 The Nightshade Reads is having a Facebook party on release night to celebrate, too! Guests and participants will be eligible to win an assortment of prizes! PLUS you get to hang out with the awesome Nightshade Reads authors. Here’s the link to the party,
Blitz-wide giveaway (INTL)
$10 Amazon Gift Card
One ebook copy of the entire Enigma Black Trilogy by Sara Furlong Burr
One ebook copy of Hunters by Aoife Marie Sheridan
One ebook copy of For the People: Post-Secession by R. Holland
One ebook copy of The Prophecy of Arcadia by M. H. Soars