Let me tell you a bit about the site. www.ultimatefantasybooks.com, and then I shall tell you why I set it up.

Firstly the site features indie authors, not just as a listing, but it gives each author a great platform to display their book:

– Every author has a front page

-On the front page you will see:

a personalized banner for each author (usually using their book cover)

Share buttons for tweet, facebook and google + are also available on every author front page.

A picture of the author

Links to 6 different pages

Page 1 – Authors Books

Page 2 – About the Author

Page 3- Reviews

Page 4- Interviews

Page 5- Book Trailer

Page 6- Leave a comment

 What else can you do on the site?

The site also runs competitions on a monthly bases free entry but with prizes.


Services available:

– website design,

e-book covers

book trailers.

Book tours Image

So the site is jammed packed with everything an author would need. We also have an author of the week and they get featured on the front page of the website.

So why did I do this?

I noticed with my own book that it was very spread out, you could purchase it from Amazon, or read the synopsis on my website, look at my book trailer on youtube or see reviews on goodreads. I just wished everything was under one roof so that’s why I did it. It’s only a new site and I am an author, reviewer and work full-time so I do as much as I can. But in time I will add new features and constantly update. I am very happy with what I have created but I see so much I want to change or add to make it better. In time I will, when I find some space in my very busy schedule. J


New Website to be launched www.ultimatefantasybooks.com

So what is it? On the 1st of April a new website titled ultimatefantasybooks.com will be launched, featuring a list of 

 Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Books by various Authors.

A listing of authors is available with links to their books, pictures, synopsis, purchase links but also their brief bio about the author and links to where you can find them. Yes all under one roof. 

The website is also designed to run competitions that will start on the 1st of April, these competitions are free to enter and are open to everyone, prizes and a spotlight will be awarded to the winner.  

Also you can see who is the featured author on a weekly basis, giving every author the spotlight they deserve. 

Marketing tips and tricks will also be available to authors. 

This website was designed for members of 

Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance Writers and Reviewers on Goodreads. Image