Review of Promise of Mercy by Author Kurt D. Springs

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Promise of Mercy


Deirdre watched as Marisa turned and looked at her. She was shocked when she saw the child in her enemy’s arms. The Gothowan woman turned away to shield the child. Deirdre saw the child’s face. The child was looking right at her. Her expression was more curious than frightened. Deirdre knew she could take the fugitive without touching the child. She reoriented her aim, and her finger began to tighten.

It is twenty-five years after the events of Price of Vengeance. Deirdre and her sisters have returned to their home planet of Etrusci after completing their training with the Finnian Shock Forces. Their homecoming plans are disrupted when their mother, High Priestess Celinia, and other leaders of the clergy are taken hostage, and their father, Colonel Liam O’Connor, disappears. In their desperate search for their father, they discover that the Rebellion is secretly building weapons that could end civilization as they know it.

Meanwhile, Liam has been befriended by a Rebel war criminal, a woman Deirdre has sworn to kill. Will Deirdre cast herself into the role of judge, jury, and executioner, or will she discover the promise of mercy?


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About the Author:



Kurt D. Springs is presently an adjunct professor of anthropology and archaeology in New Hampshire. He holds a PhD. in anthropology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as a Master of Literature in archaeology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a Master of Liberal Arts in anthropology and archaeology from the Harvard University Extension School. His main area of interest is megalithic landscapes in prehistoric Ireland.

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Review: Promise of Mercy

Rating: 5 Stars


This is the second book that I have read by Author Kurt D. Springs. The first being Price of Vengeance. In both books there is a lesson to be learned – That vengeance isn’t the answer but compassion is. Time can change so much so quickly even for the worst of us; Marisa is the example in this book.

Liam is also still a very strong character but is learning and with the help of his four children. His three daughters are the walk of him. Their adventure takes off when the temple is under siege with their mother inside and their father is sent through a portal to an unknown place. It’s a story of family, love and forgiveness.

At the start the bad guys are the original founders but we soon meet Kergan a man who has no regard for live. He is the enemy that the finnian must fight. Deirdre Liam’s daughter took centre stage for me with her blatant disregard for orders, she was stubborn, her only focus was saving her parents and we watched her time and time again display this with some serious defiance. She has a temper. 🙂

We meet new creatures in my head I picture bigfoot 🙂 they help Liam and his family against the enemy and are a welcome addition.

A lot of things throughout the story stood out for me. One being the use of Irish – it was fantastic to see as I am Irish myself. Translations of the Irish words where right beside it in English, so no flicking to the back of the book or e-copy to see what it means. Which for me normally pulls me from the story so this was really great.


The second thing I loved was Gayla and her bond with Liam especially with the paranormal activity in the prison. It was a bit scary but I loved it.

Also I love the author’s ability to take a bad guy or women that you really don’t like, and soon without realizing it you feel compassion for them. Marisa the prime example here.

The technology, science, new species  and descriptive lands   in this book felt to me that an enormous amount of research went into this book.

I have a feeling that we are not done yet, with the ending (Which I will not say) but I really look forward to reading about Liam and his four children?  Again.. Oh, and  ted I can’t leave him out he is like a brother to Aidan.


If you love sci-fi action packet with a lot of gadgets then grab a copy of Promise of mercy and Price of Vengeance you won’t be disappointed.

Blog Tour for Soul Stone Escaping Fate by DelSheree Gladden





Arrabella thought she was done with dreams, done with curses and the threat of death.

After surviving the ancient Aztec curse that had plagued her family for centuries, Arra was more than ready for her new life in the boring little town of Grainer, Maine. Boring and small sounded perfect…but she should have known better than to think it would last. 

The dream was odd, but Arra passed it off as nerves about starting school in Grainer. Her boyfriend, Tanner, was there to distract her…and get her into a little trouble as well. He pushes the dream out of her mind until they walk onto the school campus and see her. The lonely girl from Arra’s dream. 
Tanner’s reaction is fierce. He won’t risk losing Arra again and demands she stay away from Sibeal, but Arra can’t stop thinking about her haunted expression. What if she can help her? Arra can’t just walk away and let whatever curse has a hold of Sibeal claim her without trying to stop it. But what if Sibeal deserves the punishment? 

Arra’s battle to make the right choice about Sibeal only gets harder when she is forced to turn to the person in town she likes least for help. Sebastian Wallace is arrogant and irritating, but he’s seems to be the only one who can help her. As Arra tries to determine what the right choice is, she finds out saving Sibeal may be the least of her problems.






I live in New Mexico with my husband and two children. I love expressing my creativity through writing and painting and I get a lot of my inspiration from my family and from the culture and beauty of New Mexico. I write mainly Young Adult urban fantasy, but my writing interests are ever expanding. I am also currently in the Dental Hygiene Program at San Juan College, so 90% of my waking hours are devoted to thinking about teeth for the time being!


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Soul Stone

Rating 5 Stars


This is the second book of Escaping Fate. I didn’t read the first book but I didn’t have to; it was easy to pick up and was explained well.


The story is told through the eyes of Arra, a sixteen year old girl who has a gift; her dreams are warnings of things to come. Straightaway Arra is a likeable character she’s kind funny and loyal she is also surrounded by great people ones that truly cherish her.  Her relationship with her boyfriend Tanner sounds perfect, but for me as the reader I just didn’t trust him 100%. Yet he was good to Arra she was starting a new beginning in Grainer, a small quiet place and Tanner is there for her on her first day of school. At this point all seems normal enough.

Arra’s gift comes into play and her dreams this time are about a girl, a girl who she sees at School, Sibeal is new also and a loner one that Arra wants to get to know and help even against Tanners wishes. As she gets to know Sibeal more to see why she dreams of her, the plot is revealed at a steady pace, it kept me turning pages, as I feared the worst. But as Arra helps Sibeal she also begins to realise that a bond has formed between the two girls, and she cares about her more then she thought, she’s not just someone to save, she becomes a friend.

My favourite Character was Bas. Arra meets him on her first day at school and straight away she finds him irritating yet everyone loves bas, he is like the towns shining star. He is also Arra’s boyfriend’s best friend. So as Bas and Arra are around each other the tension rises, he brings out the worst in Arra and it’s funny to see her get all tangled up and confused about him. At first Tanner is fine with the friendship as he sees the two always arguing but Bas helps Arra out of more the one situation things start to change and Tanner notices them too. I feel so sorry for Arra at this stage she has the whole dream thing to deal with, Sibeal’s impending death, her father’s anger towards Tanner and her feelings for both Tanner and Bas.


This story had a little bit of everything it was very well written and I truly enjoyed it, I can’t wait for the next instalment of Escaping Fate. I would like to thank DelSheree Gladden for giving this copy of Soul Stone to me, for an honest review. She is one of my favourite authors and never fails to deliver a great story with plenty of romance trickling its way through it.