Release Day Blitz – It happened on a tuesday


Release Day Blitz: It happened on a tuesday

Author: J.K. Rivers

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Dates: 26th of June

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

It happened on tuesday


Man vs. Ocean. A battle for love will make one fierce fighter learn to sink or swim.

Cael “The Viking” Erickson: I wasn’t trying to find the girl of my dreams inside a campus coffee shop. In all honesty, I never thought I’d see her again. But I do, and she’s my sparring partner’s little sister. She only wants to be friends, and like an idiot, I agree, because it’s the only way I can get close to her. Neither of us is ready to be in a relationship. And she’s right, I have my own issues I’m sorting through.

Ocean Anders: I didn’t think there was a man like him left in the world. He’s fierce, loyal, and kind. He’s everything I want in a friend and everything I desire in a lover. Yet, I can’t be who he needs me to be. There are two sides to every coin. One side of me seeks the attention he’s willing to give, the other side reminds me of all my demons. But this Viking is willing to brave the storm to get to the heart of me.

Boy meets girl. It’s the way romances usually begin . . . and while we all love a happy ending, it’s the #MeetCute that wins our hearts.

How did you two meet?

The #MeetCute Books each have a unique answer to that query. Some might make you swoon, others might make you giggle . . . and some may make you blush.

Twelve authors. Twelve stand-alone contemporary romance novels. Twelve stories that will make your heart beat a little faster.

Because it’s all about the #MeetCute.

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Author Bio:

JK Rivers is Tigris Eden’s alter ego. Her softer side. She is a military brat who’s done her fair share of travelling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

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Release Day Blitz ~ Let Me Be Your Truth

Banner Release Day Blitz

Release Day Blitz ~ Let Me Be Your Truth

Author: Lynsey M. Stewart

Genre:  Romance

Dates: 17th of April

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours



From the outside, Kate Roper has life all figured out—a career as social worker, friends who love her, and a perfectly sensible relationship with a loyal but boring man. She has her life sorted neatly into boxes…until she meets Danny, a tortured artist with a troubled past. They say opposites attract, and Danny’s sexual confidence intrigues Kate. His tattoos enthrall her. He is everything she doesn’t think she needs, yet she craves what he has to offer.

Art therapy sessions at a local therapy centre have saved Danny from his tormented past. But when Kate shows up with her positivity, paint brushes and flirty skirts, Danny can’t seem to escape the grim reminders she triggers of when he needed help the most and was left to bury the past under his addictions.

Danny doesn’t do romance. He does sex. Amazing sex. He can teach Kate the art of orgasms so that his Miss Goody Two Shoes learns the difference between monotonous and mind-blowing…

As their relationship intensifies, their pasts collide. They soon find that they have more in common than they ever would have thought, but can Kate and Danny find their truths in the unlikeliest of relationships?

This novel contains strong language and graphic descriptions of sex; therefore this novel is only suitable for 18+


This is the third book in the Music and Letters series but can be read as a standalone. 

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Author Bio:

Lynsey Author Pic.png

Lynsey M. Stewart is a UK based writer. She lives with her husband, also known as her soulmate and muse, along with their gorgeous, precious, ridiculously independent baby girl. Lynsey began writing after being inspired by great books, amazing writers and wonderful stories that left their fingerprints on her heart.

Lynsey’s background revolves around helping, advocating and supporting children, young people, and their families. Her Monday morning mantra is: ‘If no one likes my books, I can always continue with the day job…’

To find out more about Lynsey  M Stewart you can visit her at:

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Release Day Blitz ~ All the Wrong Reasons

BANNER FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONSRelease Day Blitz: All the Wrong Reasons

Author: Olivia Hardin

Genre:  Romance

Dates:10th of April

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours


Book cover



She’s on the edge. He may be the only thing that can keep her from falling.


Geneva Rawley is broken. All of her hopes and dreams for a future ended the night the only man who ever loved her was killed in a tragic car accident. And it was completely her fault. The guilt of what happened is a burden that is slowly suffocating her, and finding relief in a bottle seems her only solution… until she meets Rhys.


Rhys Connor knows addiction, and he knows brokenness. He’s been down that road, and he knows that it’s nothing short of a miracle that he found his way back from it. That’s why he’s spent the last several years helping to rescue others from that precipice. When an AA buddy asks him to talk to his struggling cousin, he feels more than up to the task. But the moment Rhys lays eyes on Geneva, he knows she’s the one he’s been waiting his whole life to find.


Can one broken soul save another from destroying herself, or will they both go down in flames?


Meet the Rawleys. A series of stand-alone romances, each following a different couple in this saga of life, love, family, and friends…

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Author Bio:

When Olivia Hardin started having movie-like dreams in her teens, she had no choice but to begin putting them to paper. Before long, the writing bug had bitten her, and she knew she wanted to be a published author. Several rejections plus a little bit of life later, she was temporarily “cured” of the urge to write. That is until she met a group of talented and fabulous writers who gave her the direction and encouragement she needed to get lost in the words again.


In November 2011 Olivia sent her first novel, Witch Way Bends, out into the world; and to date, she has over fifteen novels and short stories available both in print and digital.

To find out more about Olivia Hardin  you can visit her at:


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Release Day Blitz ~ Hunters


Blitz: Hunters ( The Demon Series Part One)

Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Genre:  Paranormal/Romance

Dates:29th of March

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours



The gates of hell are opening and the demons know her name.


Abigail Thornton is a demon hunter. Working alongside Daniel has always kept Abigail safe, but when ghosts start to attack Abigail, she draws the unwanted attention of the REOTE. A secret society who keeps hells gates firmly closed.

Their investigation into the demonic activity raises more questions than Abigail wants to answer. With more secrets than she cares to admit, Abigail comes to realize, that every choice she makes has consequences, and with the man she secretly loves by her side is she willing to risk it?


As the lies start to unravel and her past rises from the ashes, Abigail just might end up causing the apocalypse…


If you like “The demon trapper” by Jana Oliver or “Sanctum” by Sarah Fine, then Hunters will feed your addiction for the dark side.




We hit the water with such force that it felt like every bone in my body shattered as I hit the dash at full impact. White searing pain tore through me. I screamed only to have my lungs fill with water. I was dying, and I wished it would come quickly. My lungs burned for air and my body screamed for release from the agony. I couldn’t see anything as blackness surrounded me. I needed to see Zee one last time, but my body shook as if electricity were racing through it, then all my pain was gone and a feeling of nothingness consumed me.

Light shone in the distance, like a torch hovering over a well, bouncing off rocks, only blinking mildly. I finally understood what people meant when they claimed to have seen the light before passing. I felt the sensation of floating and yet nothingness. My body moved closer to the light. It was getting brighter and more intense. I wanted to shield my eyes, but the movement wasn’t allowed. I wasn’t whole, yet I felt the same.

The light made my body feel warm, not warm as in fuzzy and nice, but warm as in I needed shade. The signs of a day starting out mild, but the warning that it would be hot. Hot is what I started to feel. Nothing seemed right. I wasn’t floating up or down I just seemed to be still. As the light sent out burning rays and the agony of it pierced me, balls of flames started to lick my feet and I started to scream. I watched my feet and legs appear as the fire burned them. The higher the flames went, the more of myself I could see and the long hands that stretched towards me, pulling me down. My throat let out a scream as I fought to move, but I had nothing around me to grab onto. My skin was burning, melting off my body. The bony fingers of the dead dug into my burning flesh.

I was nearly consumed in the flames before I realized my name was being called behind me. I turned to see Zee with his arms outstretched.  His mouth was moving, but I couldn’t hear as the roars still ripped from my throat. Then his arms were around me, pulling me out of the flames. My body was screaming and then all was gone.


I opened my eyes. My body shook with the cold. My vision filled with Zee’s chest as he held me firmly against him, rocking me gently, like a mother would a distressed child. I couldn’t speak as my teeth chattered. My body didn’t burn anymore. I was so cold, so numb. I didn’t look around me, too afraid of what I would see.

“Flames… hands… my flesh… it burned.” I knew I was rambling, words of utter disbelief falling from my blue lips. “Light… then flames,” my words choked on a sob. I was going to hell. I was going to hell. I was a bad person. No heaven. No Sam. Hell. The arms that were wrapped around me, I tried to push away, but he hung on to me, pulling me closer. He didn’t understand; he was good, an angel. I shouldn’t touch him, I was bad.

“Let. Meeee. Go!” My voice shook. “Please…”

Zee’s arms loosened and I could feel his body shift as his eyes fell on my face. I didn’t meet his eyes, but crawled out of his lap. He didn’t stop me. He didn’t look away from me either. I sat on all fours, my hair wet, hanging in front of my face as my body shook uncontrollably. Then I started to laugh I met Zee’s confused stare and my laughter turned hysterical.

“Abigail?” He moved towards me, worry etched on his face, but I let out a roar, making him stop.

“Don’t come near me. You should have let me die.”

He was beside me before I could blink, holding my numb face, his anger making his eyes darken.  “Don’t ever say that. Ever!” he said.

I shook my head in his hands as tears fell from my eyes. “I was going to hell. To hell!”

I was waiting for him to drop his hands, run from me, and understand his mistake of giving up everything to stay with someone like me, but he didn’t. Instead, he moved towards me, his breath visible in front of my face. I could hear sirens in the distance, but my mind was occupied with Zee. I closed my eyes as his face was only an inch from mine. His lips kissed my left eyelid and then slowly, moved over to my right one. The motion was gentle, the kiss so filled with despair and love that the tears rolled from my closed eyes and warmed my cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, Abigail. I truly am.” His words were so sad, so heartfelt.

My eyes opened and I could see tears in his eyes. One fell, and I watched it make a path down his perfect, clear skin. My hand reached out and caught the tear before tracing his jawline. I wanted to tell him that I loved him so badly and tell him how I didn’t deserve his tears, but my own eyes blurred over again with sorrow.

“Are you okay?” The shouts of a man making his way down the bank pulled us apart as I took in the scene up on the bridge.

People had gathered, watching us, some with their phones out taking photos. A fire engine sat on the bridge, its lights flashing. The man reached us, taking in our unmarked bodies, not as much as a scratch. Paramedics arrived. Two of them fell to their knees in front of me, shining a light in my eyes, but everything felt surreal, as they examined me, shaking their heads in disbelief. The tears continued to roll down my face. My body never moved as they searched me for something broken or something torn, but I knew they would find nothing. I felt so empty, so devoid of emotion, even as I cried.

Father Peter filled my vision as he raced down the bank. Two policemen tried to stop him, but he pushed them away.

“She is my daughter,” he said, causing some serious confusion amongst the men. He was a priest; they couldn’t marry and most certainly, couldn’t have children.

He reached me and my body was crushed against his.  He pulled back, his mouth moving, but I couldn’t focus on his words. My mind was filled with images of hands pulling me, flames burning me and Zee saving me, yet again.

I was pulled along until we reached the car. My head was ducked down as I sat in the back of Father Peter’s Car. Zee slid in beside me, pulling me into his side. I didn’t stop him. I didn’t do anything.

Father Peter, started to drive, “Abigail, please!” he said. I could hear the fear in his voice.

“She’s in shock. Give her some time.” Zee’s chest rumbled as the words left his mouth, but I didn’t respond. I stayed silent the whole drive back to my apartment.


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Author Bio:


USA Today Bestselling author Aoife Marie Sheridan lives in Ireland, has two leprechauns and a hawthorn tree in her back garden, which she guards day and night against the mischief fairy folk.

When she’s off duty she loves to write, read and drink tons of coffee. Oh, and she eats’ lots of chocolate, LOTS of chocolate!

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

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Release Day Blitz ~ Misha Elliot

Banner for Silver Fox

Release Day Blitz: Silver Fox

Author: Misha Elliott

Genre:  Romance

Dates: 5th of Feb

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

Silver Fox


Richard Sisk has never been much of a risk taker. At 18 he gave up his dreams for the future to do the right thing and marry his pregnant high school love.
Over the years things change, and he receives a divorce as a birthday present.

Jill Caldwell has spent the last eight years caring for her younger brother being both sister and parent. Now that he is settled well into college, she finally has the gift of freedom.
Years ago, their lives crossed paths and now eight years later, will Richard be able to take a risk for a new love?’

Jill knows that together she and Richard can build a life of everything they ever wanted, that is if he can get over being her silver fox.

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Misha Elliott

Author Bio:

Misha Elliott is a nomadic soul, living all over the US with her Scottish husband. During their travels, she fell in love with the written word and put her hands on the keyboard to romanticize her journeys. When not writing you can find her at Scottish Highland games (she s there for the men in kilts) or at the beach…as long as it’s not hurricane season.

To find out more about Misha Elliott you can visit her at:

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Release Day Blitz ~ Wicked Me

Wicked Me Banner

Release Day Blitz: Wicked Me

Author: Lindsey Loucks

Genre:  Romance

Dates: 25th of January

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

Wicked Me Book Cover


Power, corruption, revenge… Falling in love sure is hard.

Nothing will come between book-lover Paige Sullivan and her dream library internship. That includes her new roommate, the panty annihilator known as Sam Cleary. But a man from Paige’s past reappears with a secret agenda and puts everything at risk, including her growing feelings for Sam.

Blackmailed to protect his family, Sam Cleary is in way over his head. But when his childhood crush becomes his new roommate, old feelings are rekindled, even as his family’s secrets begin to unravel.

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Author Bio:

Lindsey R. Loucks is a USA Today bestselling author of paranormal romance, science fiction, and contemporary romance. When she’s not discussing books with anyone who will listen, she’s dreaming up her own stories. Eventually her brain gives out, and she’ll play hide and seek with her cat, put herself in a chocolate-induced coma, or watch scary movies alone in the dark to re-energize.

To find out more about Lindsey R. Loucks you can visit her at:

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The Saskia Trilogy ~ Release Day Blitz

Banner for Saskia

Title: The Saskia Trilogy Boxset

Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours

The Saskia Trilogy ~ Boxset



From USA Today Bestselling Author

The Complete Saskia Trilogy ~ Boxset

Four banished angels. A world created by the hands of God. A kingdom on its knees – and only one mortal to save them.

Growing up in the mortal world, Sarajane is shocked when she gets kidnapped and finds out that she is a princess in Saskia, a parallel universe she had no idea existed.

It’s there that she discovers her abilities, but as her magic keeps growing, so does the threat towards her and her loved ones.

Following her destiny, she takes on the fight against a fallen angel and the task of saving Saskia and Earth before Lucian can destroy it.

Will Sarajane live up to the expectations or is it too late for her to save her new world?


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Author Bio:


USA today Bestselling author Aoife Marie Sheridan lives in Ireland, has two leprechauns and  a hawthorn tree in her back garden, that she guards day and night against the mischief fairy folk.

When she’s off duty she loves to write, read and drink tons of coffee. Oh and she eat’s lots of chocolate, LOTS!

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

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Release Day Blitz ~ Creatures

Creatures Banner

Release Day Blitz~ Creatures

Authors: by A K Michaels  (Author), Gina Kincade  (Author), Kimberly Gould  (Author), Bianca D’Arc  (Author), Boone Brux  (Author), Morgan Wylie  (Author), Felicia Beasley  (Author), Kyoko M (Author), Jules Barnard  (Author), Monica La Porta  (Author), Heather Marie Adkins  (Author), Aoife Marie Sheridan (Author), Alex Owens (Author), Juliana Haygert  (Author), E. M. Moore  (Author), Skye Knizley  (Author), Shelique Lize  (Author), Lydia Sherrer  (Author), Wendy Owens  (Author), S.M. Blooding  (Author), Stephanie Marks (Author), J Wells (Author), L Wells  (Author), Laura Greenwood  (Author), Erzabet Bishop  (Author)

Genre:  Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance

Date: 15th of August

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Books



CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today’s indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors!

You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark creature known to lurk the pages of fantasy fiction, you’re sure to find yourself up past your bedtime and reading well into the witching hour!

So curl up on your sofa with a steaming cup of tea and order today if you dare brave the beasts!





Author A K Michaels

 AWH - Shade - AKM.jpg


Author Gina Kincade & Author Kimberly Gould

Kimberly and Gina


  Author Bianca D’Arc




Author  Boone Brux

bonne brux.jpg

Author Felicia Beasley


Author Kyoko M

 Back to black2.jpg


Author Jules Barnard

 Fates Altered_e-book.jpg



Author Monica La Porta


 Dragon Final 1.png



Author Heather Marie Adkins

Author Aoife Marie Sheridan

E-Cover for Kindle Scout

Author Alex Owens

 dark destiny working.jpg

Authors: Laura Greenwood & J & L Wells


Author Juliana Haygert


Author Skye Knizley


Author  S.M. Blooding

 S.M. Booding.jpg

Author  Erzabet Bishop

Taming The Beast.jpg

Author Shelique Lize

Author E. M. Moore

Author Lydia Sherrer

Author Morgan Wylie

Author Wendy Owens

Author Stephanie Marks

images (1) 



Release Day Blitz ~ Chameleon’s Challenge

Chameleon Challenge Banner.jpg

Book Title: Chameleon’s Challenge

Author Name: B.R. Kingsolver

Genre: Urban Fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic dystopian

Hosted by: Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours




Libby’s chameleon mutation has led to a lucrative career as a thief and assassin. She normally doesn’t worry about the comfort of corporate executives, but when she stumbles onto the grisly murder of a rich man’s mistress, it gets her attention.

The murder leads Libby to believe her best friend’s life is in danger, and she vows to protect her. The killings continue, some in broad daylight, but no one ever sees the killer.

For a chameleon assassin, the scenario feels uncomfortably familiar.



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B.R. Kingsolver.jpg

Author Bio:

I made silver and turquoise jewelry for almost a decade, ended up in nursing school, then took a master’s in business. Along the way I worked in construction, as a newspaper editor, a teacher, and somehow found a career working with computers.

As to my other interests, I love the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains. I’ve skied since high school, with one broken leg and one torn ACL to show for it. I’ve hiked and camped all my life. I love to travel, though I haven’t done enough of it. I’ve seen a lot of Russia and Mexico, not enough of England. Amsterdam is amazing, and the Romanian Alps are breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a favorite, and someday I’d like to see Banff.

For special deals and news about new books, sign up for my newsletter.


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Hunted ~ Release Day Blitz

Hunted Banner.jpg

Title: Hunted #2

Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance

Release Date: 6th of June 2017

Book Cover Designed by Ultimate Fantasy Books

Edited by: Magpie Editing


Smashwords 2017.jpg


19-year-old Abigail is going from the frying pan to the fire. Cast into Hades unexpectedly, she narrowly escapes murder and torture–only to find herself kidnapped by Nicolas Frost, the man who tried to kill her. Sundered from her beloved Daniel and friend Cathy, the tortures and mysteries of Hell itself await Nicolas and Abigail.

As her captor leads her to an unknown fate, she discovers her true destiny. To save her home, Abigail may have to ally herself with enemies–unless the horrors and predatory wraiths devour her first.


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Author Bio:

Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her grandmother. Her love for romances grew, by the age of 14 she had read hundreds of them.

Aoife has a passion for writing poetry or in her eyes her journal entries. It was something she did throughout her teens and into her twenties. Aoife won first place for two of her poems and had them published at a young age of just nineteen.

Aoife’s first book Eden Forest (Part one of the Saskia Trilogy) took first place with Writers Got Talent 2013. Aoife continues to write tales of fantasy and romance.

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:

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