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Sydney Lake has a secret. She has no idea who she is, where she is from, or what caused her to lose her memory in the first place. Four months ago she woke up alone and injured with a message written on her arm.


Not knowing who “they” were, she took the warning seriously. Sydney ran. For months she lived in hiding—always afraid of being found by Them. When Sydney wakes from a strange dream with a bleeding nose she chalks it up to just another bizarre turn of events. However, when she discovers she is just one of many who have had the same dream she realizes something worse is happening.

The dream sets into motion events that convince Sydney They have finally found her. At first Sydney is determined to run again—to save her friends as much as herself. But, to survive, she has to stop running. To keep her friends safe, she has to save herself.


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About the Author:

bandy issacs



Brandy Isaacs will tell you first that her name is spelled without an “I”. If that is the case, I will call her Brandy Isaacs. However, that ends up sounding like “Sacks” and will not endear me to her. Just remember, no I. The I is trashy as a terminal vowel.


She was raised in in Kentucky, but not the kentuck of the 70s where people had to dig holes for both one and two. It was a more cosmopolitan version of the place you’re thinking of. Instead of digging those holes, her family was able to hire someone to dig them – big difference. They did, however, love when the Sears Wishbook showed up in the mail each year. They were finally able to stop rubbing dirt in dirtier places.

None of that is true.

But all of it is true.

You’re author is one of those curious people. She is of the library and the local witches. She loved words. Even better, she loved when those words were strung together.

In a word – stories.

Those stories, of witches that were real and those that were not; of boy wizards; of young women who volunteered; of men who would suck blood. These stories define her.

And it is stories that she wants to tell you. I could gloss her Bio for real – high school, college in central Kentucky, Grad school in Kansas, nonprofit work when she returned home – and it would miss the truth. Brandy Isaacs has stories inside her, and she need to tell them to you.


They will excite you; they will scare you; they will arouse you.

And you- — you will keep turning the pages. When you hit the end, you will wish there were more.


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Social Media/Marketing

It’s an understatement to say that technology has change the world in the last 100 years or so.  The world of writing and publishing is not an exception to this fact.  Before, writer’s handwrote or typed their work, mailed it off to publishers and hoped for the best.  It was a much slower and arduous process than it is today.  And if publishers or editors didn’t like your work?  There wasn’t much you could do about it.  Today there are many more options and writers have more freedom than in the past.

With the advent of social media, crowdfunding, and independent publishers, a whole new world opened up to writers—and readers.  I believe the market today is much more fan based and individual driven.  Thanks to the immediate nature of social media and the internet age, writers are better able to own their work and find their own markets.  If a publisher isn’t interested in your type of fantasy—you can find your own audience.  And it’s out there.

For better or worse, there is a market for pretty much anything these days.  I.e. dinosaur porn literature is a thing.  Seriously!  Look it up at your own risk.  And I’m by no means judging—to each their own.  The fact that (bizarre) fiction such as this exists is proof that technology has blown open the doors to make the public vastly more accessible than it has been before.

For anyone who chooses the independent publishing route I can whole-heartily assure you it will be an amazing journey that will be exhausting, challenging and incredibly rewarding.  To gain any amount of success at all, you have to be prepared to do your own marketing and this is most easily and cheaply done through social media.  Sites like Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to control your own brand—your own message.  Your audience might be out there waiting for you—but you have to find it yourself.

I can also tell you that one of your best resources will be other writers.  There will always be nasty people in the world—but, as a whole, writers that I have encountered are waiting to help other writers.  We all know the struggle—it’s real!  We also know how important writing is to ourselves and others.  We know what it feels like to create a baby and try to share it with the world.

Writers, bloggers, fans, reviewers, etc. have already found audiences.  And instead of jealously guarding what they have—they very often are just waiting to share it.  The world of independent publishing and writing, in my experience, is one built upon connections and friendships.  Need reviews?  Someone else does to.  We are always on the lookout for opportunities to connect and get the word out for our work and love returning the favor.

Anyone who wants to be a writer and decides to go the independent route and doesn’t utilize social media is missing out on a huge opportunity.  Social media is—by its very nature—an audience waiting for entertainment.  Get involved in reading groups.  Blogs.  Follow other writers.  Make friends.  Because at the heart of it all—we are a bunch of nerds who love books and want to share them with other people.  We are just waiting to share yours.



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Book Tour ~ Spotlight and Review for The Price of Vengeance by Author Kurt D. Springs


Price of Vengeance


Price of Vengeance


“Liam! What have you done?” Marcus demanded. “You know our teachings on revenge.”

Suddenly, irrationally angry, Liam straightened. “How can you defend him after what he did? To you, to Mom, to my birth parents, to everyone we cared about?”

With a howl of despair and emotional agony, Liam dashed forward, through the shade of his father, blindly running into the sewers.

What is the Price of Vengeance? One could understand why Liam is angry. Orphaned at the age of two by a group of giant carnivorous insects called the chitin, he was adopted by High Councilor Marcus and his wife, Lidia, and raised with their older son, Randolf, in New Olympia, the last remaining city on the planet Etrusci.

As an adult, Liam becomes a soldier. After being cut off from the city, he finds that there is an alien intelligence behind the chitin. To defeat it, he must discover who he is and how to use his powers. When Liam discovers that a traitor responsible for his birth parents’ deaths has also murdered his beloved foster parents, he might find that the price he has to pay in his quest for vengeance will prove to be an even more unbeatable foe.



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About the Author:




Kurt D. Springs is presently an adjunct professor of anthropology and archaeology in New Hampshire. He holds a PhD. in anthropology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as a Master of Literature in archaeology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a Master of Liberal Arts in anthropology and archaeology from the Harvard University Extension School. His main area of interest is megalithic landscapes in prehistoric Ireland.

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Review of Price of Vengeance

Rating: 4 stars


Sci-fi wouldn’t be a genre that I would normally read, but I’m glad I read Price of Vengeance. It was a very well written book, with enough interesting characters, as well as a Bear-lizard who can communicate telepathically, to keep everything interesting.  I loved the dreamscape where Liam meets Jarek and finds out about who he is, and all about his family. The plot was very well written with enough betrayals, twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.


For me the title says it all. What price would you pay for Vengeance? It’s something that can destroy a man’s soul, and it almost destroys Liam’s.


Liam is an orphan, his family slaughtered by the Chitan – (bug like creatures) and he’s taken in by Marcus and his wife, he also inherits a big brother Randolf. We watch as Liam dedicates his life to being a solider never taking part in sociable affairs.


We learn a lot about Liam when the chitan attack and we see him in full throttle.  He can fight, his abilities are amazing and well written especially when he jumps out of time _ (slows time down) the story continues to follow Liam his brother Randlolf and Azure a being of pure evil, who wants Liam on his side. The struggle between right and wrong, and hatred and love is saturated in this story, and love is stronger no matter what, that it can cause a person to let the hatred and anger go. This is very well shown with Celina’s and Liam’s story.


Overall a very well written book. One I feel all Sci-fi and fantasy/paranormal readers will enjoy.




Review and Spotlight of Scapemaker by Steve Cypert


Scapemaker by Steve Cypert


Matthew is the son of Mr. Nicholas Namely, a local high   school teacher. But unbeknownst to Matthew, his father is a dreamscaper whose classroom is connected to the dream-world. From his classroom, his students enter the halls of Scapemaker, a dream-world high school for young dreamscapers.

Following a couple of heartfelt tragic events, Matthew is compelled to investigate the unbelievable mysteries surrounding those events and is propelled into a whole new world. Matthew and his mother, Mae, are soon coerced into moving across the country for his father’s strange medical needs. While attending his new school, Matthew comes to know the secrets that Daedree, an annoying girl from his former high school, has locked away. Matthew also meets Amber, a beautiful enigmatic girl who leads him to Mr. Xoner’s classroom. While there, he learns the art of dreamscaping (which has been in the Namely bloodline for thousands of years).

Matthew will come to know of Nox Celare, otherwise known as The Sandman, who is after a special element called Magineum. Neck deep in skinwalkers, sandsleepers, zombies, soul feeders, ghosts, dream-world criminals known as “night terrors” and more, Matthew learns he is in over his head. Matthew must not only solve the mysteries surrounding those tragic events, but he will also have to protect the Magineum with his life and find a way to be with the one girl of his dreams. Filled with secrecy, mystery and a forbidden tangle of young love, this new life will lead Matthew to unbelievable characters with the most extraordinary abilities he could never have imagined.

Scapemaker will keep you grounded in the real world while at the same time make the fantastical world around it that much more possible and enduring. This tale of young adult paranormal fantasy will keep you guessing and wanting more.

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About the Author


Steve V Cypert was born in Los Angeles, California.  At twenty-four he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where, two decades later, he continues to live. At age 34 he found and married his beautiful wife, Katie. Today, at age 40, he and his wife still live in Utah with their toddler and Shih Tzu. Steve graduated from the University of Utah in 2003 where he graduated with a 4 year degree.

For as long as he can remember, Steve has loved to come up with creative and far-fetched stories. In 2011 Steve finished his first novel, a work of historical fiction. He wrote Port of Errors in just three months. However, it took him ten years of research, editing and putting the missing pieces together.  In 2012 he wrote a second novel, the first in a series of four. Though, this time it was a YA paranormal fantasy. The title, at first, was The Son of Nicholas Namely, but Steve soon changed it to Scapemaker, which is also the name of the 4 book series. As of January 2013, the outline for the second book in the series was completed.

Steve loves photography. He shot weddings for a few years, but loves wildlife and landscape; he also loves volleyball and hiking; he has a mountain bike, but never rides it; finally, he is a self-professed indulgent and fanatically addicted big screen movie junkie. His favorite color is green. He loves steak and prime rib – medium rare or rare. His “lucky” number is 4. His favorite ice-cream is mint chocolate chip. And he loves horseback riding and country swinging – which he is very good at… sloppy, but good!




 Review of Scapemaker:

Rating: 4 stars

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

Okay this book was like deception,  a dream within in a dream and all that. I LOVED the concept of this story and the world building was amazing. it’s a bit like Harry Potter also, and I am sure Matt will have lots of adventures.

Matt was a very likeable charcter a tennager with lots of hormones, jumping around, he was very shallow at times until he crosses into the dreamworld, that’s when we see Matt truly shine, and he soon sees people for who they are. But it’s always great to see characters with flaws as no one’s perfect. Matt befriends a group of misfits and the bond between them is very strong. It’s really all for one and one for all.

The darkness in the book is scary it leaves you with the feeling of needing a hot shower to wash the grime away.

On an overall scale I found this story unique and imaginative. I can’t wait for book two “Soul Feeders” to see can Matt clear his fathers name and which girl he will choose, The beauty or the Geek. I am backing the Geek Daedree, Just love her. 😉

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