This weeks featured Author is Andrea M. Alexander


20-year-old Cael Bellamy thought escaping New York and the draft meant salvation from an impending war. But hiding at a “prepper” farm and falling for a girl with the power of telekinesis means supporting a cause he may not believe in. He’ll sacrifice his freedom to protect her, but her safety may cost others their lives.

Iggy Bennefield can ride horses, hunt deer, shoot straight, and kill people with just one look. Literally. She will struggle to survive the trials and experiments meant to turn her into the ultimate weapon.

But how can she win a war when she’s not even sure who the enemy is…


About the Author:


I’ve written everything from poetry to newspaper articles, but young adult and new adult fiction are my favorite genres. Writing has been my passion since elementary school. I’m even picky about my pens and pencils — the lead has to be dark and the ink has to be thick. While I will always love the smell of a new book, the digital age has captured my attention in the form of eBooks.

I’ve lived in seventeen states (Georgia right now) and two countries, so I don’t claim to have a home town. I will always love traveling, and if I can’t get there physically, I can always get there in my mind. My imagination always keeps me company, but so do my readers when they send emails…so please feel free to write!

Make every day an adventure!
…Andrea (Twitter @Author_AndreaM)

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