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Lea Corre was taught to value community, family, and The Hunt. Her blood stems from a long line of proud hunters. When Lea prepares for her own hunt, she questions the brutality and morality of the deadly custom. As Lea uncovers dark secrets and delves into her mother’s broken past, she determines she will make her own fate. Along the way she encounters Tanner, her intended prey. His village decides to take a stand against the tyranny of women. When Lea’s prey becomes her captor, she learns more about their lives, the world, and herself. In the end, Lea must choose between two worlds, in which neither she belongs.

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Emma Woods lives in a small town in the Midwest with her husband, her daughter, and her dog. She loves reading and writing. Emma vaguely remembers winning a Young Authors award in the fourth grade, and has a bachelor’s degree in Language Arts Education. She’s always had a big imagination and as a child was certain that the neighbors were hiding a roller coaster in their backyard. As an adult, she keeps her imagination on the pages of her books.


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