Read, Review and Promote

As an author we all find it hard to get our work reviewed, mostly other indie authors do it like myself ( but once in awhile a reader with a passion will read, review and promote our work, the reader of our dreams I say.
So I wanted to do a post on one of them, her name is Lynn and here is a bit about her lovely self:
I’m 39 and from Paisley, Scotland. Single, no children, no pets. I’ve loved reading since I was a kid when bedtime stories from my dad were from JRR Tolkein. Every summer holiday, you’d find me in the library with Enid Blyton and Stephen King. At school, like everyone else I was reading Sweet Valley High. I lost the love of reading when I got to college and work, ending up too tired and stressed. It was discovering Harry Potter in 2001 through a work friend that brought me back to reading as I became addicted to the books. I first got Internet access in 2003 and stumbled onto Goodreads when I was looking for books with paranormal monsters. That’s when I discovered urban fantasy and started reading Kelley Armstrong, Charlaine Harris and Patricia Briggs. Now I’m on Goodreads daily.
Favourite genres-urban fantasy, horror, dystopian, paranormal-adult and YA,Tudor fiction,mountain disaster NF.
Sometimes read: I read the odd book in other genres if the plot grabs me. ie fantasy,thriller and non fiction about WWII, American Civil War and historical events, Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.
Don’t read-crime, romance, erotic, western, historical/family sagas
Reviewing: I do a lot of read and review of Indie authors and then try to promote the authors I’ve met through this and book groups. Even if I don’t read their books myself, I like to promote them to other people that might be interested. Now I’m trying to feature Indie Authors on my blog and I’m always looking for more who are interested.
previous jobs: football steward,airline security for American Airlines,pathology lab technician
TV/film: I watch sport a lot and support my local football team St Mirren, Texas Rangers for baseball, New Orleans Saints for American football, the England cricket team and I love darts and the Winter Olympics. I love horror and action films. I watch lots of series like Buffy, Angel, Grimm, Supernatural, The West Wing, Alias, Miami Vice, Deadliest Catch, Nikita, 24, Lost,The Tudors,The Borgias. I’m way behind on most new series because of my reading.
hobbies: photography, making news scrapbooks, music, I’m hoping to get started on making a quilt this winter if time allows
stupid facts: I’m scared rigid of spiders, wasps and horrible hairy wee beasties,
(Im not on any social networking sites)
Authors interested in being on the blog can get more info here or PM me:

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